Five rounds for time:

10 Kettlebell jerks, 24k (16k) 

20 Hurdle jumps, 24" (20")

The jerks are done with a kettlebell in each hand and start from the rack position.  

Post time and thoughts to comments.

008  015 153

Kiley Bond joined us as our 6th CrossFit Verve member on November 1st.  Since she has been with us, we have seen tremendous improvements in her strength, cardiovascular endurance, stamina and power.  She's leaving us for the United States Air Force, which I guess is a decent enough excuse.  Kiley, we hope that we've prepared you for basic and that you show all those tough guys what you're made of.  We're super proud of you and all you've achieved at CFV – see you in September!  Make sure you wish Kiley luck in her new adventures today.

The CrossFit Regional Games are opening reistration at 9am today.  It is the first 100 men and 100 women that get to compete.  The cost is $100 and it is expected to sell out fast. Click here Rocky Mountain Regional CrossFit  to register for the games. 

Quote from the FAQ's page of the regional games site; 

I am not sure if I am good enough to compete, should I still sign up?

The Rocky Mountain Regional CrossFit Games are open to everyone.  We will be scaling the workouts for all ability levels.  There will be many ability levels present at the Games.  One of the greatest things about last year's Games was the amazing athletic performances you were able to see.  The Games this year are going to be no different.


  1. matt :

    Hey guys registration is open for the Games. I am offically registered.

  2. Emmalee :

    Just registered for the Games!!!! So excited!

  3. Cheresa :

    I’m in!!! I can’t wait!!

  4. Anna :

    Im in too!!! I am sooo nervous. 103 days and counting. Yikes.

  5. Alan :

    Kiley….You will be missed! Make us proud in the USAF!!!!! See you soon!

  6. Anna :

    Yes Kiley, you are ready and make me darn proud to know you. Good luck and we will see you again when you get back. Break a leg (not really, that would hurt!~)

  7. Danimal :

    Hey everybody, I just noticed that tomorrow is Matt’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. anthony :

    I registered

  9. Cherie :

    So far we have 8
    Cheresa, Amy, Jared, Anna, Anthony, Luke, Matt and Emmalee…
    Who else is going to antie in? Come on guys I have to live vicariously through you.
    PS We are super proud to have so many people wanting to have fun with CF at the Regionals.
    PSS If you don’t want to compete, plan to spectate or volunteer.

  10. anthony :

    Good Luck Kiley. You are going to do awesome.

  11. Joylyn :

    Kiley–best of luck at basic, we know you’ll do awesome. See you again in September!
    I’m at work today, but Mas was nice enough to sign me up for Regionals–so I am IN! OMFG–what did I do?! I’m so proud to be part of the Verve family!

  12. Kiley :

    Dear Matt, Cherie, Anthony, and the rest of the Verve Family:
    You are all awsome!! I love you and thanks for all of your support and thanks for making the past 3 months as great as they were. You will all be missed greatly. Just know that I’m going to kick ass and come back in September stronger than I was yesterdeay!! Bye and good luck to all who are going to regionals. And Happy 31st Matt!!

  13. Emmalee :

    Joylyn so happy he did that for you! You are going to have fun! Good luck Kiley, see you when you return.

  14. Tiffany :

    i’m in too! shoulders can only take so long to heal, right? plenty of time to train! =) very excited to see so many people signed up and very happy to join!
    good luck in your upcoming adventures, Kiley! keep in touch! =)

  15. anthony :

    approximately five percent of the competitors at regionals will be representing verve. crazy

  16. cherie :

    Kiley –
    I’m sorry I missed saying goodbye today. I’m going to miss you. But especially our early mornings in the cold at the park. Take care and we’ll be rooting fo you.

  17. cherie :

    As of 1pm Mens slots have sold out for the Regional and there are 47 slots left for women. If all the women slots do not get filled they will reopen for men on Feb. 5th.
    How exciting

  18. Alan :

    Ok, Ok…I don’t feel that I am NEAR there yet….but WTF….I will do my best to represent V! I am in! You were right Cherie…I can’t say no to competition!

  19. Cherie :

    Anthony now we’re over 5% with 11 YEAH! What a great spirited team we’ve got already!

  20. Milk :

    Am I reading these right? Are you not competing this year? If not, what a blow to the CrossFit community, you are a stud.

  21. Alan :

    Anthony….DOES THIS MEAN YOU ARE NOT LEAVING US?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Cherie :

    Milk ,
    Matt knocked me up. I will be inflicting all the pain that I was going to on myself on Verve’s athletes. Aren’t they lucky.
    How’s the gym coming?

  23. Milk :

    WHAT!!!!!!! Congradualtions guys. Well that’s a great excuse.
    We get the keys this week and will hopefully have a soft opening in about two weeks. Just signed up for our Southern California Qualifier, so I was going to hit Matt up for any suggestions on training for it. Since both of us are firemen, I want to know how he trains while at work. Anyway, great news and good luck with everything. If Matt has some time, can you have him email me? Verve family just got dangerous people, watchout for that child to redefine the fitness community.

  24. Joylyn :

    Tiffany–you are gonna be a tornado by then! Right on.
    Alan–you R good enough, you are nice enough, and gosh darn it, we all like you too.
    What a cool group of peeps you all are.

  25. Matt :

    Jake 8:18 16kg
    Chelsea 12:19 12kg
    Jen 11:55 8kg
    Brit 11:34 20# DB
    Emily 11:38 8kg
    Kiley 5:58 12kg
    Tiffany 8:53 16kg/12kg
    Doug 11:25 16kg/12kg
    Luke 7:54 16kg
    Nicole 12:17 8kg
    Cheresa 8:47 16kg/12kg
    Mike C. 12:32 20kg
    Leet 13:34 16kg
    Elements #2
    25 Push press, 5 ball slams….
    Sandy 17:29 (45#)
    Tammer 16:23
    I am really excited about the number of athletes that will be representing Verve at the Regional CrossFit Games. I am very proud to say that I’ll be a member of that team. Even if you didn’t register for the Games, you will train like you signed up for the Games. We won’t change the WOD’s, but we will add a few more cookies from time to time to dial in movements and loads. Take the extra ten minutes if you have them to participate in the cookie of the day.
    Milk, I’ll give you a call to discuss the training regimine at work. Hasn’t varied far off the 3-on, 1-off path of doing main site WOD’s. If the equipment is lacking, I look through the archives to find on that is horrible and I get FF Gaines to do it with me. Much love Gaines.

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