Ten rounds for time of:

15 Snatches, 65# (45#)

15 Push-ups

Post time to comments.


Saturday's CrossTown Challenge crew after completing "Trevor"

There has been a lot of buzz around CrossFit Verve lately about how well each of the athletes are progressing.  People are loosing weight, dropping times, packing on muscle, and having a shitload of fun doing it.  This is why CrossFit is the premier training program available right now – it works!  How does it work?  Dedication to the program and to nutrition. 

That said, what does it take to start CrossFitting?  Do you need to be in shape to start?  Should you know what a block is or how many fat blocks you should eat in a day?  Do you need to know what a snatch is or how to do a kettlebell swing?  Hell no!  Come on in and find out what our athletes have learned over the last 3 months, it only takes dedication to the program and to your nutrition.  We'll put the tools in your hands, but you'll have to decide whether or not to use them.

017 009 088  

Meet Luke, Matt, and Mike.  Each had a go at the CFV Baseline yesterday.  Nice job fellas!


  1. Joylyn :

    WOD @ MVFPD #6
    as prescribed 24:25
    my thumbs are killing me and I feel kinda weak today!
    I am loving Crossfit Verve though–thanks to everyone, I love working out with such a fun group of people.

  2. Matt :

    Joylyn, I’m glad your thumbs hurt… that means you’re utilizing the “hook grip”. Nice job, you’re right there with our groups today.
    Mas 23:20
    Jen 28:24 (33#, knees)
    Cheresa 24:21
    Joei 27:35 (30#, knees)
    Jared 24:35
    Dan 16:28!
    Cherie 24:21
    Baseline +500m row:
    Brit 14:03
    Emily 14:51
    Great Sunday WOD! Let’s welcome Brit and Emily to the CFV crew, they’ll be starting their Elements course next week. Nice job today.

  3. Danimal :

    Welcome Brit and Emily, nice meeting you today.
    Did anybody else feel like today’s WOD was a really hard one? Wow, it was really good though. I think I learned tons about the snatch simply by doing…. oh… a million of them! It’s so amazing how fit we’re all getting! I LOVE this!

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