"Run Grace!"

15 Clean and jerks 135# (90#)

Run 1 mile

15 Clean and jerks 135# (90#)

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We’d like to thank everyone who joined us for the Saturday group WOD in Commons Park – it was a blast.  We’d especially like to thank CrossFit 5280 and CrossFit SoCoS for making the trip up north to visit us, everyone expressed the spirit of community that makes us love CrossFit so much, thank you!  Let us know when the CFV crew can come visit your gyms. 

A quick reminder that the 15th of November marks our first full month of being a CrossFit affiliate.  We are celebrating this occasion by asking each of our members (and Corey) to create a workout that they can name.  Please submit this to us by the 15th (next Saturday).  Your WOD can be movements that you love or hate doing (or love to hate doing).  We’ve already had a couple of submissions, so keep them coming!


  1. cherie :

    “Running Grace”
    Anna 16:58
    James 11:48 (90#’s)
    Elements 4
    Kiley: 7:45 (35# with blue band)
    Jared: 11:04 (65# with green band)
    Amy: 12:15(35# with blue band)
    CFV Baseline
    Liz: 9:53

  2. O'Leary :

    16:35 It’s hard to do at my rec center where you can’t drop the weights and there are no bumper plates

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