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Five rounds for time of:

9 Pullups

9 Sumo deadlift high pulls 95# (65#)

9  Burpees

9 Power snatches 95# (65#)

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From left to right; Jack, Jake, Matt J., Catherine, Rachel, Tiffany, Caitlin, Gerson, Melissa, Sara, Anna, Stef, Emmalee and Dan.

Quoted from Tiffany Skidmore -

First of all, I have to say…what an inspiring day! Verve competitors: you AMAZE me! There were so many moments where your mental toughness and hard work shined! It was incredible to watch. Verve trainers: I don't have the words to say how grateful I am we have you as coaches and teachers. Thank you for pushing us and thanks to all of you who come out to support us!

I believe that in life for us humans to grow, to learn, to become better at living, we must get out of our boxes and get uncomfortable. CrossFit draws those who truly want to push their own boundaries to the limit, past the limit, in order to become better, stronger, faster. As cherie quoted James Fitzgerald earlier today, "You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable." but for me, CrossFit is deeper than just a sport, or a physical activity.

Today struck a chord for me. It reminded me why I have CrossFit in my life, and why I am so blessed to have like-minded people along my side on the journey.

The WOD can be many things for me: empowering, painful, exciting, frustrating, invigorating, discouraging, defining. Today I experienced many of these, but above all I was humbled.

The source of my awed state occurred during WOD #3, submitted by our very own "The Matt Chan" (FYI-source was mainsite in June 2009), which consisted of a simple 5 rounds of 21 thrusters and 21 double unders. I felt confident going in that I would finish under the 12 minute time limit.

As the minutes ticked by, I realized that this was no ordinary WOD…around the third round, I felt my form failing, my back rounding, reverse curling the weight instead of the efficient clean. I was dizzy, not knowing if I was actually swaying as much as I felt I was. I heard noises, but few registered. Cherie's voice to the right urged me to keep going, to pick up the bar. My own voice, screaming the same thing inside my head. I heard the seconds counting down and, realizing I would not make it through my last round, struggled to push the bar overhead and complete 8 thrusters before collapsing onto my knees in a fetal position.

Often I can pinpoint where I lacked in a WOD: strength of mind, strength of body, insufficient practice with a skill, poor technique or form, lack of confidence. Always, I feel like I could've gone just a little bit harder. As I panted into the mat, paying homage to the 55# barbell in front of me, I knew I had given it truly everything I had.

I stumbled to the side and watched the next heat begin. that's when it struck me. Literally hundreds of people are here, CHOOSING to push past their limits, physically and mentally; CHOOSING to do more than they want to, endure more pain than their mind recommends, to keep pushing, to keep going. The struggle between mind and body was apparent on most faces. Many heads shaking "no, I can't do it anymore", as their feet step to the bar and their hands pick it up anyway. I saw urgency, determination, pain, frustration, and even defeat on their faces…but even as each man fought his inner battle, they continued on. As the last seconds counted down and bodies hit the floor from relief, exhaustion, defeat, victory…I felt pride welling up in my chest. How blessed I am to be a part of a community who values perseverance, struggle, and challenge. Not one person gave up when it got hard. These are people I look up to. These are people I want around me. These are people that make up our Verve family! (man, I love you guys!)

What an amazing way to end the day…a WOD that brought most of us competitors to our knees, or backs, or face down on the ground. A WOD that challenged us to give everything we had left if we wanted to finish. I couldn't have asked for anything more unifying or more satisfying then being in that room and witnessing our athletes put it all out on the line.

As that first men's heat ended, I sat, feeling unsettled. Then I realized what I needed to do. I went over to the warm up area, picked up a 55# bar and did my remaining 13 thrusters, dropped the bar and slammed out my 21 double unders. Feeling the adrenaline wear off and the tiredness seep into my body from the day's competition, I finally felt content.

Because a WOD that good…deserves to be finished.


Tiffany after WOD#3 paying homage to the 55# bar.

Anyone wanting to come spectate tomorrow, here are the times of the Verve heats:

Gerson 9am
Jack and Dan 10:30am
Matt J. 11:00am
Emmalee 11:30am
Anna, Tiff and Sara 12:00pm

Carpool leaves Verve at 8am.  See you there!



  1. Elizabeth Huff :

    OH MY GOD!!! I cannot believe how much I identify with today’s post. I was sorry I couldn’t be there to cheer everyone on let alone compete, but I still did the WOD at 24hour (gross). I thought this WOD can be 12 minutes. No problem. As the WOD went on, I felt everything going. I wanted to quit, telling myself no one would know. But I would know. I couldn’t let myself down like that… I had to push through. I even heard Cherie in my head telling me to pick up the bar, 1-2-3 pick it up! I’m so thankful to everyone for being on this journey with me and pushing me through! Congratulations to all competitors. I would have cried if that was my third WOD of the day! Verve = RAD! Word.
    (Sorry boys, had to steal it!)

  2. tiff :

    YAY ANNA!! top ten, way to go!!!

  3. tiff :

    EMMALEE!!!! 6th! ANNA!! 10th! woohoo!

  4. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Danimal :

    Great job everyone. That was such an experience for all of us I think… seriously, wow. I’m so happy to be apart of our little Verve community. It really shocked me that so many people came to cheer us on and give us support (driving half way across Denver to do so). Thanks guys! Everybody was so supportive, especially Matt and Cherie who weren’t even competing. So cool… Emotions ran deep this weekend and what an amazing weekend it was. Thanks everyone!

  6. gerson m :

    YES! What an experience, love you guys! Like Dan said thank you, everyone for coming out and cheering for us… I was trying too wipe the cheesy smile off my face (the double unders did that, HAHA) it’s a competition dang it! Nah it was fun, challenging, painful, nerve racking, a test of will and over coming… all in a work out… a freakin WOD. Oh and did I say fun?!?!
    Really though… it was great watching you VERVE athletes put it all out

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