As a team of two, complete the following for time:

1000m Swim

Each team member will swim 50 meters at a time until 1000 meters has been completed.

Post team and time to comments.


CFV's Courtney Shepherd finished 1st in the Women's Division of the Police and Fire Games last month.  Congrats Courtney!!!


  1. just wanna say.. I heart CFV!!!

  2. Matt :

    Me too… I’m biased though. I will say that I love hanging out with a group of people that aren’t afraid of breaking and entering. Good on ya.

  3. tim m :

    Congratulations on 1st, thats great.

  4. Congrats Courtney!
    Great job today everyone :). I had a great time! I’m bummed the outdoor pool season is coming to an end. I like the WOD change-up and that I get to see people I don’t usually get to see because of the larger groups.

  5. OH! Also, for those who are interested, I saw Food, Inc. last night at Cheze Artiste. If you’re struggling with your food stuff, you may want to go see it. It’ll put you off your feed and add another level of consideration when making food choices. I was counting on being thoroughly mortified and… just know that I’m not even sure if I can eat the frozen chicken breasts in my freezer at this point.

  6. Mary :

    Yay Courtney! You enter the rank of the bad asses with me! Great job!

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