For time:

From the ground to overhead anyhow.

7,000 lbs for the men, 5,000 lbs for the women

All of the competetitors have to choose what weight they are going to do for the workout.  The choices, with the corresponding numbers of reps are listed below.

The barbell starts on the ground and must end up locked out overhead.  You can use any technique you want to achieve that. 

Men's choices  7,000 lbs for time:
155 lbs x 46 reps
135 lbs x 52 reps
95 lbs x 74 reps
75 lbs x 94 reps

Women's choices 5,000 lbs for time:
100 lbs x 50 reps
85 lbs x 59 reps
65 lbs x 77 reps
55 lbs x 91 reps

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Anna and Joylyn enjoying the special treatment from Howard Head Sports Medicine.

Today CrossFit Verve sent a handful of athletes to the Rocky Mountain Regional Games at Front Range CrossFit.  Every athlete that competed had a blast and showed true Verve pride by supporting eachother throughout the day.  What's more, we had at least a dozen spectators from Verve show up to support the participating athletes – I couldn't be more proud to be a part of our community. 

We have one more event to compete in and it's a doozie.  It is the WOD listed above and its sure to challenge everyone AND level the playing field.  Please come support CFV on their final event at FRCF – it wouldn't be the same without you.  The schedule lists start times alphabetically, so look for your favorite Verve athlete and their start time and come cheer them on.



  1. Brad Cogburn :

    From the guys at crossFit Brighton fire we wanted to congratulate Matt on his performance at the regional games. Strong work!

  2. Amy Schaeffer :

    MATT!!!!!! I heard you won! I never doubted you once! Seriously I tell everyone that my trainers are the strongest people in the world! I am proud to be a part of Verve!

  3. Chris :

    Congrats Matt. Found this on the site of one of our fearless leaders

  4. Amy Schaeffer :
  5. Tiff :

    amazing performances this weekend all!! congrats matt….that was so inspirational to watch! the pics look great, tim.
    wow…can’t wait for the next one…

  6. Doug :

    congratulations matt!
    To everyone who performed- I am impressed. Nice work!

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