For time:

Five cycles of:
10 Weighted lunges, 65# (45#)
10 Push presses, 65# (45#)
10 Good mornings, 65# (45#)

21 Burpees

Three cycles of:
10 Weighted lunges, 65# (45#)
10 Push presses, 65# (45#)
10 Good mornings, 65# (45#)

15 Burpees

One cycle of:
10 Weighted lunges, 65# (45#)
10 Push presses, 65# (45#)
10 Good mornings, 65# (45#)

9 Burpees

Weighted lunges are performed in a stationary position (i.e. not walking lunges) with the bar on the back with each step counting as a rep.  The push press from the back is counted if full extension is reached.

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Tom's back from New York - now we just need someone to join him at 7am 🙂

We have a lot of folks working on their muscle-ups.  Here are some things to think about while building the strength and control to execute this move.

Can you demonstrate control and execute 5 strict pull-ups and 5 ring dips?  If not, start here.  Work these two movements after your WOD, at least three times a week, for at least three sets.  Make sure that your shoulders are getting below the elbow and chin is getting well above the bar.

Next, can you pull yourself up from a false grip?  To work this skill, set the rings low enough that your knees touch the ground.  Establish the false grip, bring your elbows, knees and toes close together, and pull up from the knees.  Make sure that your hands trace your breast line through out the execution.  Work this drill to build the strength and coordination of the false grip.

Once you feel comfortable with these two drills, it is time to work on the muscle-up progression.  Start as you did for the false grip drill, this time press off from your toes, pull and finish out with a press at the top.

Continue to train this movement while raising the rings in small increments over time.  By raising the rings in small increments you are requiring little additional work, less frustration and quicker success.  Eventually, raise the rings to adequate muscle-up height and voila.

If you need assistance with these drills, you know who to ask.

– Adapted to suit our needs from the CrossFit Journal (February 2009) and Jeff Tucker.

Don't forget – Saturday The Verve is closed and going on a field trip to spread the joys of fitness.  Join us if you can.


  1. luke :

    Oh my good lord. . . this WOD looks hard.

  2. Matt :

    If by hard you mean awesome… I have to agree with you. I’ll be doing this one at the station. Kill it or be killed!

  3. aanthony :

    hey everybody. i have registered for the games, but due to a scheduling conflict am going to be unable to attend. i talked to skip and he said that i can sell my registration to anyone that i would like to male or female. all it takes is me going into my profile and switching the info and letting skip know. At any rate, if you missed the registration or have now decided that you wish you had registered after all, now is your chance. The only thing is that skip said that this needs to be taken care of by may 1st. If you are interested ask Matt or Cherie for my number and we can set it up. Also I am going on a prescribed fire assignment until the 26th so if you decide you want to sign up it will be done after the 26th.
    hope everyone is doing great. the paleo challenge is coming to an end, i’ll bet there are some pretty good lookin ververs walking around denver. take care

  4. Amy Schaeffer :

    Matt, you totally stole my line.
    Luke, If this is going to be hard for you, how am I supposed to get through it? Still looking forward to the day when I am in one of your classes.
    Everyone else, I am in the same boat as Aanthony. I am unable to attend and so there is another opening. I believe that Jared has a work party or some shit like that so he can’t go either. So, it seems that with Aanthony, Jared, and I combined, there are three tickets. Since Aanthony posted first, he should be the first to sell his ticket.

  5. Amy Schaeffer :

    Jared, I was kidding. I know you work hard and that you would rather be at CF than at work. Please do not take the above comment seriously and “show me who’s boss” later. Thank you.

  6. Matt :

    Now’s your chance folks… get on those tickets! It’s a once a year opportunity to participate in an extremely fun (and taxing) event. If you are considering it – do it!

  7. Luke :

    Due to the impending blizzard that is soon to engulf us all, and due to my responsibilities to the fine people of Colorado Springs, I made my commute this afternoon instead of tomorrow morning to stay with my brother overnight here in C. Springs. Hence, I was not able to do today’s WOD. But, before you throw a fit thinking I got off easy (yes, Amy, I’m talking to you), just know that I did do the new Hero WOD on the national site, and it humbled me just fine. As rx’d, 3 1/2 rounds in 20 minutes. Word to your mother.

  8. Rich :

    Crossfit Verve,
    Sorry I couldn’t make it in yesterday or today for a WOD but we were given some information that we might be heading out to a really sandy place far from here without returning to CO. SO, I may or may not see you all in May for a week or two! I hope we do come home before the long trip out! Its been amazing working out with everyone there. Matt,Cherie, and Anthony you all have done so much for me and pushed me so hard that I am so excited for the physical aspect of this training! I am sure it wont even compare to our WOD’s. Good luck to everyone at the Games – Represent! And hopefully I will be back for a short time!

  9. tiffany :

    mother of….exhausted. started my part-time “after school” job for real this week. still getting used to working more hrs and gaining real empathy for you guys, Matt and Cherie (and all others who work more than one full time job!!! =-) ) hoping i can drag my tired booty outta bed for the 6am classes next tues/thurs…if only starbucks delivered…to my bed…that would work.
    matt — did you happen to talk to skip about registering late on saturday or should i email/call him?
    cherie — can’t wait to see you tomorrow! hope i’m not snowed into adventure elementary forever….
    heart, tiff
    p.s. our custodian stopped me in the hall today to ask me how i’ve gotten so “delgada” in the last few months. i told her no sugar and…wait for it…crossfit!! =)

  10. Joylyn :

    Matt–good WOD today, it was rough but when they whittle down like today’s, it becomes a mental talk to keep moving, as each round shortens
    Cheri–Thanks for all the good tips on the site and in person on muscle-ups and C2B pullups, you always give that extra push.
    Rich–Godspeed to you, hope to see you back in CO soon!
    Everyone else–you all seriously make me laugh everyday that I look at this blog. I love the seedy sarcasm that just oozes out of the posts. Personally, I’ve never been too gifted with witty comments and comebacks, so I love that it’s so sly here.
    On a sidenote, I have to share that it’s been pointed out to me several times lately, that my posture is much improved. I don’t think it was really terrible before, but I have to thank crossfit, OHS, and all the other various WOD’s/warmups that strengthen our core without us knowing it.
    Yeah–one more week of Paleo Challenge . . . keep it up!

  11. Joylyn :

    Sorry Cherie, you know I mean you.

  12. Matt :

    Tiffany, you can show up whenever you can on Saturday morning. That goes for everyone… if you can’t make it at 8:15, you can meet us at Front Range CrossFit as soon as you’re available. The last workout is at 11ish.

  13. Gerson M :

    SUCKS!!! Gonna be at Ft. Carson for the weekend, to everyone that’s going on Saturday have fun -n- represent verve! See you guys next week… oh yeah today’s WOD, very nice… well it looked fun on-line till ya do it!

  14. Cherie :

    Progress – so the hardest thing has been decreasing my fat blocks to that of a normal intake. I love almond butter and want more than 1/2 tsp per block!!! Otherwise, I love the zone and making it paleo only makes my insides happier. It does however take a ton of planning. As Erin said today “If only I had a chef this would be so easy”. I have lost a total of 10 lbs this week. I’m assuming a lot of that is fluid and the last 17 lbs I need to lose will take a bit more time.
    Tiff – I’m excited to see you as well and bummed that life insists that we need second jobs. Make sure you’re getting your sleep and don’t foreget working out energizes even the sleepiest of bunnys.
    Rich – We are going to miss you. Your smile and laugh are infectious and will be sincerely missed. Send us some pictures.
    Luke do you have a real brother?
    Mrs. Chan

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