Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes of:
25 Burpees
15 Body weight back squat

Post rounds completed to comments.

Andy giving it his all during Saturdays WOD.


  1. What a badass!!!

  2. Jeff McDowell :

    Hey CF Verve! How have things been for you back in the 303? How have the slopes been shaping up? Things have been mellow here and I’m finishing training some junior Marines this week after a 2 month detachment. I even got to introduce many of them to CF and some are hooked!
    Next month I will be getting my Level 1 Cert and even Coach Glassman will be here! Also, this will be the rest of the trainers; Dave Castro, Todd Widman, Miranda Oldroyd, and Jennifer Orr. So I have 2 requests:
    1) Who can I send some money to, so I can get some of those killer Verve shirts to rep at the Cert?
    2) I need some advice for the weekend. What should I expect, bring, train for, etc..?
    Keep kickin arse back home and hopefully I’ll be back at the start of spring!
    Take Care,

  3. Matt :

    I’ll see if I can send Miranda with a CFV shirt for you Jeff. As for advice, I would highly recommend sleeping well and hydrating the days prior to the cert. You want to suck up every bit of information you can – these guys are the top CF trainers and they have so much knowledge on the vaious subjects.
    Andy, rad pic. Zac, are you employing the foot hook with a 16kg? Yikes!
    All the best – from Ft. Leavenworth with luv.

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