Skillz Day!

Handstand Push-ups

L- Pull-Ups
Post accomplishments to comments.
Sunday's 11am class medball cleans and knees to elblows.
Can you do a handstand push-up?  If so, how many?  If not, have you tried a negative handstand push-up?  Can you hold a handstand?  What about L-pull-ups?  Can hold your body in an L-position on the pull-up bar?  What about on the rings? Why do we care? Gymnastic movements, when mastered, offer outstanding results in core stability, overall balance, and flexibility.  Flexibility, especially, is one aspect of fitness that sometimes gets lost amid the excitement of max rep strength WOD's, or the frantic pace of met con WOD's.  Truly, the only way to become more flexible is to do it every day.  For instance, it will do you more good to stretch for 10 minutes every day than it would for 70 minutes one day out of the week.  And, truly, the only way to improve at these advanced, dynamic, yet extremely beneficial movements is to dedicate some time to them.  
The Zone / Real food challenge is on.  If you would like to participate and were not able to make it in to the gym today, don't fret.  Just look over yesterdays post, ask any questions you have, and make sure to get all picture, measurement, workout, and money in before the 8th. 


  1. Catherine :

    I’m going to comment b/c I can’t believe nobody has commented. 🙂

  2. Erin :

    Update for Long’s Peak trip tomorrow!!!
    Meeting at VERVE at 2 pm (not noon-decided that was too early–not necessary!)
    We can carpool up if people want.
    Plan is to camp out at Meeker Campground. Limited facilities. No campground fee. Make sure you bring lots of water.
    Get up at 2am and hike, hike, hike!
    Questions? Call me! 303-726-5521
    See you all tomorrow!

  3. Leslie :

    Today’s WOD was a blast!

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