Sunday 100124

Overhead Squat

3 – 3 – 3

Followed by:

10 minutes of

2K Row

Max double unders

Post loads and reps to comments.


Praying Jimmy.


  1. Jeff - CueBall :

    Did the CF Total here today and set a couple PR’s. BS – 275 (PR), SP – 135, DL – 385 (PR) = 785.
    Does anyone know what the goal is to strive for on the Total? Is it supposed to be a certain multiple of your BW?
    Less than 90 days til I’m back in the 303! I’m itching to be home, signed up for the CF Kids Cert at CF Agoge, is anyone else going?

  2. Stef :

    Praying Jimmy… how are your hands?

  3. Matt :

    Our friends at Roots were nice enough to post Men’s and Women’s Total rankings… have a look:

  4. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Matt, thanks brother! I didn’t even think to scope out the CFJ for that, I’ll have to see if they post time for other benchmark WODs as well. I’ve been looking at times on the main site, but never sure what to tell my guys all the time.

  5. Alan :

    Hey guys….sorry if this is old news, or has been posted already…but did anyone see Josh’s picture on the main crossfit site on the 20th! DAMN YOUR LOOKING BAD*SS J!

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