Monday 100315

Three rounds for time of:

25 Unbroken kettlebell swings, 24kg/16kg

25 Unbroken wall ball shots, 20#/14#

Post time to comments.

Tiffany Skidmore lets us in on her secret to getting ready for sectionals.  

The workouts for the 2010 CrossFit Games Mountain Sectional have been posted. This week we're going to take the time to discuss both workouts and generate a plan of attack with each athlete.  If you're available, please stop in at 8:30pm tomorrow night to break down both of these workouts.  Setting your mind at ease by having a game plan will lead to better performance.  This discussion is open to all Verve athletes, as this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to maximize power output over broad time and modal domains.


  1. Sara Weisbart :

    I wish I could come to the discussion… dang!

  2. Joylyn :

    Thank you so much to Sarah & Amy for the yummy Paleo Potluck yesterday! The hostesses with the mosts!

  3. Greg B :

    Ok so please post or forward any yummy recipies from the Paleo evening. I am looking for variety., and I am allergic to shellfish so if you made an encredible shrimp salad I would haev to sub chicken or someother protien if it would not destroy the taste.

  4. derek :

    I’m not sure if this counts as a P R but I’m pretty happy about being able to do workouts like today’s and being able to do things unbroken. When I started it didn’t matter if I was using 5lbs or 50lbs I always seem to hit a wall at about 8-10 reps, but that has gotten a ton better for me. Still working on speed in doing things unbroken but I can see and feel a huge difference. Good Stuff

  5. James :

    For the record: that WOD, along with the abfest and 500m row that accompanied it, messed my shit up.

  6. Holly :

    Agreed James… 4 hours later and I’m still shaking. Way to push us Cherie!

  7. greg b. :

    I had to sit down while shopping at Costco for a few minutes to let my legs stop quaking! Thanx for the push and I got my first unassisted Pull up! Now to link a set of 3 together.

  8. Way to go all!!!!!
    Congrats on your p/up Greg!!!

  9. bk :

    bk as rx’d, added 25 sit ups e/rd 10:32

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