Sunday 100314

Hawaii Sectional "Skill Session A" Modified

1. Unbroken pull-ups, 30/20

2. 10 Unbroken overhead squats, 135#/95#

3. 15 Unbroken lateral hurdles, 24"/20"

4. 45 Box jumps completed in 1 minute, 24"/20"

5. Unbroken handstand push-ups, 2/4

Men complete HSPU's on paralettes and women complete them on the floor.

All test are pass/fail.  Athletes receive only one attempt for each skill.  Successful execution earns athlete 2 points.

Post score to comments.


The 7am ladies getting down with some deads. 

Cookie: "Annie"

Paleo Potluck TODAY!!!

Sarah Levenhagen is hosting a Paleo Putluck at her house from 2pm – 5pm. Check Thursdays comments for address and phone.


  1. Amy Schaeffer :

    Paleo Potluck address and phone numbers:
    699 W 29th Ave. Apt#3243
    Sarah: 515-577-4747
    Amy: 937-409-9022
    Hope to see you all there!!!!!

  2. Yeah! Paleo potluck!!!

  3. Lost to-go coffee cup:
    My fellow gym goers: Just yesterday I left both my water bottle and coffee cup at the gym. The coffee cup resembles Starbucks to-go cup but is really white plastic and awesome.
    I was able to recover the water bottle as it was placed in the lost n’found bin in the bathroom. The coffee cup, however, didn’t make it that far (they were actually sitting next to each other when I left the gym…). If anybody has seen it (where could it have gone in less than 24hours?-not sure.)please help it get back to me.
    Simply place it in the basket in the bathroom or in the equipment closet. It’s special b/c it was given to me by Elizabeth, a fellow CrossFitter of yours, for my birthday.

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