Sunday 100529

As a team of three, complete three rounds of the following for time:

9 20m Prowler pushes, 50#/20#

45 Front squats, 95#/65#

45 Partner handstand push-ups 

All partners must complete equal number of reps in order to complete a round.  HSPU's are to be completed freestanding with partners assisting at each ankle.  One AbMat may be used as a pad.

Post team and time to comments.

Derek Stone – need we say more

Below you'll find a spreadsheet that details your strength training workouts for the next 12-16 weeks.  These workouts will be done on Mondays and Fridays and will be followed by a short metcon that compliments the muscles used for the strength WOD.  Although this program removes a bit of the "constantly varied" component from our mantra, we have decided to add it anyway in order to lay a strength base for the rest of our programming.

We know that you'll find this program rewarding in the long run, but we encourage you to only do the numbers that the spreadsheet defines for you for that day – do not jump up because the load feels light.  This is a progressive loading program that works in 4 week waves, increasing in load every wave.  Depending on the success we have with this program, we may complete up to 4 waves totaling 16 weeks.  

Please save this spreadsheet to your computer and enter your 1 Rep Maxes on the "Start Page" and print out the workbook.  That will detail your percentages for the next 16 weeks.  If you don't know your 1RM for any of the four lifts, please talk to your trainer to schedule an opportunity to gather this information.

Download 2010StrengthProgramExcel.xls (128.5K)


  1. Dan Y :

    you know what’s funny about Derek, of course the name is Derek Stone. I mean he’s definitely not Derek Softhands or Derek Wimpyfingers. Its Derek STONE!

  2. derek :

    That was a really tough workout, but reallly cool my legs were killing me after

  3. James :

    Ok, so what do we do if we miss one of these strength WODs? Like, say, if someone starts the program on Memorial Day? How important is the pattern of progressive loading?

  4. Matt :

    Great question – it’s important enough to schedule those days in your calendar as gym days in order to make the most of the program. That said, missing a day isn’t the end of the world.
    But, our workouts only take an hour… prioritize. Just sayin’.

  5. James :

    Understood, Matt. Could you guys shift Friday to a two-class lunch, in order to help is in our prioritizing?

  6. Matt :


  7. erin :

    Impromptu Memorial Day BBQ at Erin’s house. 3pm. 4311 W. 30th Ave Denver 80212. I’ll have brats,beers and margaritas. Come on by for a beer and a brat and celebrate summer finally being here! Any and all are welcome. Dogs and kids too! Big back yard for the 4-leggeds. Bring a 6 pack, a side or dessert if you wish! 303-726-5521

  8. luke :

    Dan, I second those sentiments. Of course he’s not Derek Flaccid.
    Derek! When are you gonna bring some of your action figures to the gym?

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