Sunday 100808

Fifteen rounds on the 1:30:

Swim 50yds

These are all out efforts and each swim should fall within :15 seconds of your fastest time.

Post fastest and slowest effort to comments.

Rad or bad?  Post thoughts to comments. 

Donna Pryor is warmly opening her home to CrossFit Verve athletes today at 4pm. Bring your favorite paleo dish, with or without Zone block counts.  Use this as an opportunity to show off your cooking skills or as an opportunity to learn from others.  

Need help?  Try preparing one of the Fuel page recipes.  There's a million different paleo recipe sites out there now, so there's no excuse why you can't bring a dish.  Here's a couple of my favorites:

Everyday Paleo

Paleo Steve's blog

So there you have it – summer fun, good eats, great company, and a hot tub.  Stop in and say hi to fellow Verve athletes – maybe you'll meet someone new!


  1. RAD!!! Curvy girls can be tough…rock on!

  2. Dom :

    Smokin HOTT!!!

  3. I like it!!! My butt gets bigger by the day

  4. greg b :

    A woman with curves and muscles is way hotter than an emaciated stick figure.
    (Dan, emaciated means really, really skinny!)

  5. Emmalee :

    Rad…. Bad ass!

  6. Joylyn :

    LOVE IT! …and the kiss it part at the end makes me belly laugh.
    Happy Swimming and Eating tomorrow people 🙂

  7. J.Wrede :

    Mine is bigger!!!!!

  8. Alan :

    Ehhhhhh….It’s alright I guess.
    Hee Hee Hee! If I come to the gym tomorrow with a black eye, you guys better have a suspect! LOL!

  9. Justin :

    AWESOME!! There is nothing like a bad ass on an athletic woman who is herself also a bad ass.

  10. CC :

    BBQ is at 33rd and wyandot – bring a suit for hottubin

  11. Nicole :

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who refers to my butt as a ‘border collie’.

  12. lynn :

    beautiful woman and message, nice one Nike!

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