Sunday 101003


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

Emmalee Moore 3rd place in the women's 63kg class, congrats Em!


  1. Jared :

    Emmalee, Jebus!

  2. Catherine :


  3. Greg B. :

    3rd My A$$!! That girl is numero uno!!

  4. Dan Y :


  5. Amanda K. :

    Congrats Emmalee! That is so wicked!

  6. Jack :

    If peeing your pants was cool, Emmalee would be the coolest.

  7. jeff :

    Awesome job Emmalee!

  8. Emmalee :

    Thanks guys! It was a great weekend, everyone did such a great job! And the double unders ALMOST made me pee my pants ( I wish I were that cool!) oh and everyone looked amazing in a singlet!

  9. Coop :

    Pikes Peak CrossFit would like to congratulate MAtt Chan on his 1st place finish, its about time he was recognized for his performance and participation in the CrossFit community. We loved watching all of your athletes, you all do Colorado proud.

  10. Joylyn :

    Coop! Good to see you this past weekend–wish you well!

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