Five rounds for time:


25               15                5
20               15                10
15               15                15
10               15                20
 5                15                25 

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Bethany just finished up her Elements and will be starting group WOD's – be sure to say "hi!"

This week is a special week for the CrossFit community – it's our chance to watch the best of our kind in action. It's a funny concept to wrap your arms around though, as we all train much to the same degree.  It doesn't matter if this is your first week CrossFitting or if this is you fifth year CrossFitting, the program doesn't change – your abilities do.  Stick with the program long enough and you're sure to see very drastic differences in the ten physical skills that make up characteristics of complete fitness.

The first four skills are developed through training. They are cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility.  These four skills require training the body to improve performance, which will equate to a measurable organic change in the body.  You cannot practice cardio/respiratory endurance, it takes a stimulus, such as a high level of intensity during a WOD, to ensure a favorable adaptation.

On the other hand, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy can be practicedThese skills can be improved with activity that improves performance in said skills.  By practicing balancing, you can teach your nervous system to react favorably… like riding a bike.  At first, sitting on a bicycle and relying solely on your balance to keep you upright does not make sense to your brain.  After some practice, it becomes second nature.

Two skills require both practice and training – power and speed.  Without training you'll never acquire the body changes necessary to have a powerful and snappy snatch.  Furthermore, it takes practice snatching in order for your body to understand how to move both powerfully and quickly.  Make sense?

So what will all the athletes in the CrossFit Games have in common?  They have become undeniably strong in each of the ten physical skills.  If there is a deficiency in any one skill, the Games will expose and exploit this weakness.  In this respect, the CrossFit Games caliber athlete is just like you – training to become a well rounded individual capable of any task.  Stick with it – you're on to something significant.

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