Sunday 110102

50 – 30 – 10 reps for time of:

Jumping pull-ups

Thrusters, 45#/33#

Jumping lunges

Compare to 100108.

Post time to comments.

New Years 2011
Warm-up; :20 dance off as low as you can go, Sumo wrestling match and finish with human pyramid.

Today is the day we set the stage for our new home.  If you are coming to help, Thank you!  Please meet at the new gym, we are meeting at 9am but come when you can.  3350 Walnut street, click here for map New Verve.

We are starting at 9:00am and have four major projects to complete before Monday; flooring installation, pull-up bar installation, platform building and painting (office/bathrooms).  Tools we need if you have them, a second impact driver and standard wrenches.  When you get here, we will put you on a team where we can use you the most.  At noonish we will be grilling some chicken, with water and beer flowing all day.

Thanks in advance for your help and call if you need more information 720-425-4898.


  1. Blake :

    Pretty please put up a video tour of the new box. That way I can pretend that I am working out there. WODing in the Holiday Inns in this country only get you weird stares and polite requests not to drop the weights by the hotel staff.

  2. Erin :

    This makes me feel so bad for you, but I got good laugh at the visual! You’re missed by Verve, and I’m sure someone will have a video tour up soon!

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