Sunday 110109

For time:

Three rounds for time of:

20m Handstand walk

20 Front squat, 115#/75#

Scale the handstand walk by holding a handstand against a wall and lifting a hand off the ground.  Complete 20 steps before moving on to the front squats.

Compare to: 100729

Post time to comments.

Forty-six people at the nutrition lecture, our biggest turn out yet. Challenge; IT"S ON!



  1. Stacey E. :

    Ok, when is the 2nd class?? I hope sometime before the challenge starts?? Like Thursday maybe?? 🙂

  2. Matt :

    Second class is Wednesday at 1930. This is the last one before the challenge… do what you’ve got to do.
    Dates to get your blood work done will be posted on Tuesday.

  3. Sarah Lev :

    FRIENDS!! Court might have left her Ipod touch at the gym, so if anyone sees a black one it is hers and would you please leave it in the gym for her!! Thanks

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