Sunday 110116

Five rounds for time:

21 Thrusters, 75#/55#

21 Double unders

Compare to: 100830

Post time to comments.

There are over 60 people entered in the "Best Shape of My Life Challenge".

Day 1 is in the books.  What was hardest part of the day for you?  I found logging all of my workouts and food intake to be the hardest part, but also quite rewarding.  I also found going for the +1 bonus point for eating half of your carbs in veggies very difficult.  It made me realize just how much fruit I eat.  

Did you have a rough day?  Don't fret, the beauty of the point system is that you have the possibility of getting 20 points a day, everyday.  You win some battles and lose others, but there's 9 weeks to get on track.  We're here to help you, so take advantage.

Tomorrow, don't be late for your blood work appointment.  Come ready to take pictures, get your vitals assessed, drop off your $$$, and pick up your point cheat sheet.  We'll also be around all morning so that you can get answers to all of your questions.  Keep up the great work!  Monday will be the benchmark WOD for the Challenge.


  1. Cherie :

    The veggies – water and sleep will def, be the hardest!

  2. Dan W :

    First day, 20 points for the Watsons! That’ll be harder to do during a work day, but it definitely gives me a heightened sense of using food as a drug. For me, the amount of veg will be tough, especially in a 4-5 block meal… so full!!!

  3. Erin :

    I was also super full all day! I got stuck out of the house longer than expected, so I had to pick: either lose points for going over 5 hours, or for not zoning.
    18 points. Sigh.

  4. Cueball :

    This is going to require more planning on my part. Working sales and not having all the necessities for curve balls in the day…

  5. Courtney :

    Went to bed at 8:30 with good intentions but I’m pretty sure 8 hrs of sleep isn’t going to happen on work days either. PS I had a horrible nightmare that our benchmark WOD was Fran. Congrats to everyone on getting through day one!!!

  6. Rich :

    @Matt: Zucchini is on the Paleo Cheat Sheet – it is under squash, I was a little tired while cooking last night! Although the cheat sheet says 2C = 1 Block and The Zone says 1C = 1 Block. 2 Cups if it is cooked, 1 Cup if raw I would assume…
    Day One went smooth!

  7. Matt :

    Tim Keefe,
    You missed your appointment this morning – shame, shame.
    Everyone else, keep up the good work! It was great seeing you all so jazzed this morning. Elite fitness here we come!

  8. Matt :

    6:20 rx’d. Felt pretty good.

  9. Courtney :

    BTW, for anyone who is unable to make it tomorrow for the benchmark WOD will there be a make-up day?

  10. Greg B :

    Hardest part while at work is eating while driving or eating while writing a trip. But got it done. No complaints yet. Definitely planning is KEY!

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