Sunday 110206

Five rounds rounds for max reps:

Bench press, 155#/105#


Back squat, 155#/105#

No rest is given between each movement until the round is completed.  Rest 3-5 minutes between rounds.

Post total reps from each round and total to comments.

Jake building a strong posterior chain… are you doing extra work?


  1. James :

    I sometimes do extra work, but I feel like it’s unfocused. Do you have any tips as to what extra work we should be doing?

  2. Matt :

    James W?!?
    Here’s just one of many progressions to work through:
    25 hip ext. & 25 abmat sit-ups
    25 back ext. & 25 ghd sit-ups to parallel
    25 hip&back ext. & 25 full ROM ghd sit-ups
    (All 25 reps to be completed without stopping)
    While working on the back ext. & ghd sit-ups to parallel, you can also work on reverse hypers and Glute Ham Raises.
    If you don’t know what these movements are, simply ask a trainer after class. If able, a PT session would give you individual homework to work on, which is what Jake did.

  3. James (O.G.) :

    Who else checks the website at 10 o’clock on a Saturday night? I guess I was looking for, I need to improve my DUs (among other things). Should I just do as many as I can in the 10 extra minutes I have or should I do drills like we do when we’re warming up for DUs or should I just sign up for a PT session and stop demanding free advice from you people?

  4. Matt :

    Double unders make for a great warm up drill if you’re early, which is doubtful (James). Skill work that is based on what you see as your weaknesses is always advised. I’ve seen some pretty rad improvements on rope climbing techniques during the last two weeks.
    Generally, we as trainers would agree that our athlete’s biggest weakness is their ability stabilize and maintain their midline (abdominal and back strength). Second on that list would be hamstring and Glute strength necessary for all athletic endeavors. Hence the Glute Ham Developer work assigned above.

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