Sunday 110213

As a team of three, complete the following for time:

9 Rope climbs, 15'
90 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#
120 AbMat sit-ups
90 Dumbell hang power cleans, 40#/25#

6 Rope climbs, 15'
60 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#
90 AbMat sit-ups
60 Dumbell hang power cleans, 40#/25#

3 Rope climbs, 15'
30 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#
60 AbMat sit-ups
30 Dumbell hang power cleans, 40#/25#

Only one team member can be moving at a time.  

Post team and time to comments.

Mark stabilizing overhead.

Information about CrossFit Games Team Qualification 

CrossFit Verve / MBS CrossFit, Part 2

This Sunday at 12:30 CrossFit Verve will play host to MBS CrossFit for a workout that will be used as preparation for the CrossFit Open in March.  We'll have a discussion on developing and following a game plan based on your abilities, a warm-up, a skill session, a workout, and a cool down and a debrief of the workout.

No sign-up is necessary, however you can sign-up on MBO.  Just come and plan to spend an hour or two with the gang. Bring some chow and some post workout goodies. 


  1. Matt :

    This is going to be absolutely RAD! I’m dropping in on the 11am class for sure.

  2. Erin :

    For those who wanted this recipe, here it is:
    Paleo Banana Bread
    3/4 c shredded carrot= 1C
    1 tablespoon Ground Almonds (or almond meal) = 3F
    2 eggs =2P
    9 walnut halves, chopped = 3F
    1 teaspoon coconut oil = 3F
    (Olive oil works too)
    1 teaspoon Almond Butter = 3F
    1¾ Med Bananas = 5C
    Mix thoroughly and put into 6 muffin tins. Bake at 375 for ~25 minutes
    These are super moist, and I haven’t gotten a chance to experiment with how to cook/store them.
    12F, 6C, 1P / 6 muffins= 2F, 1C, 1/3P PER MUFFIN

  3. Rich :

    This looks like an absolute blast, I hate that I have to miss it – Drill Weekend…
    See you all Tuesday!

  4. Erin :

    Oops, that should say 1 2/3 banana. Sorry!

  5. Cherie :

    Thanks to a great team! Nate, and Melissa Milla 27 something all RX

  6. Matt :

    Team: Annie, McKenna, & me: 23:xx – so fun!
    11rds on the Hang squat snatch/rope climb Wod.
    Thanks for coming MBS!

  7. Annie :

    Loved this….we should do more of these group ones. But more where you think you’re going to puke but you have to keep going to not let your team down!

  8. Luke :

    Wow this looked like fun. It’s a trip doing a rope climb when you can’t breathe, yes? BTW, I PR’d on the snatch and Jackie the other night, 190# and 6:58, respectively.

  9. Cherie :

    8rounds9reps on the MBS/Verve WOD – super fun thanks MBS and Verve and Matt

  10. Annie :

    Touche’ Ya….perhaps if I could do more than 1 “real” rope climb I would be telling a different story.

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