Sunday 110403

On the minute, every minute for 30 minutes:

Complete 3 Man-makers, 40#/25#
Then, farmer carry for distance with remainder of time each minute.

A single man-maker is comprised of a dumbell push-up, renegade row (each arm once), dumbell squat clean to a thruster.  Rinse and repeat.  A woman-maker is comprised of exactly the same thing.

Post total distance to comments.
FamilyP pic
Welcome to the Verve family–Baby Pine, born Saturday April 2 and weighing in at 6lbs, 14 ounces.  Name still TBD.  The whole Family P is doing well as you can see!

The CrossFit Verve crew represented at MBS CrossFit Saturday with a great turnout and strong work for the CrossFit Open 11.2 WOD.  We are so proud of all the athletes who came to compete, cheer or volunteer.  Thank you for making our Verve community so special!

The Verve crew at MBS, minus the teen wonder Addie.

Reminder:  Please submit your scores for validation ASAP.  If you are submitting your score from MBS please list them as the affiliate hosted.  If you are submitting your score from Verve, please list us as the host from Wednesday. 



  1. YAY! Congrats HP and Zac!!! TBDP is a lucky kid.

  2. bill :

    Congrats on your healthy baby!!!

  3. Courtney :

    Congrats Zac and Heather!!!!!

  4. Blake :

    Outstanding, she will have a sub five minute Fran in five years. Congrats to you both

  5. Dan Y :

    Congrats guys!! Very cool

  6. So glad she is finally here!! Congrats Heather and Zac! She is beautiful!

  7. Dan Watson :

    Congratulations guys!

  8. Gerson :

    CONGRATS Pine family!!!!!

  9. Annie Fannie Camie :

    Perfection, good work you two…sending lots of love and rest.

  10. Annie Fannie Camie :

    BTW- is anyone else suffering from delayed onset Murph disorder? Holy hell, I need me a walker!

  11. Chris K. :

    Congrats Zac! Awesome!

  12. Keith :

    Zac you always have a big smile but that one is the best. Happiness to you both and baby TeeBeeDee.

  13. greg b :

    Way to go MOM and DAD!

  14. Matt :

    So awesome – happy as hell for you guys! Has the little beauty received a name yet?

  15. Slaughter :

    yay congrats!!!!!!

  16. Tanja :

    CONGRATS Pine familia!!! I’m over the moon for you three – can’t wait to meet the little one (she’s beautiful – you two did awesome!!!)

  17. Jo :

    Congrats HP and Zac!!!!

  18. Cruz :

    Excellent work Heather and Zac! Congratulations!

  19. Jim :

    Congrats Heather and Zac! Please note that your WOD is a bit different than what is detailed above: AMRAP diaper changes (using strict form – no kipping) for the next 3 years. 3-2-1-GO!

  20. tiffany :

    yay!!!! happy baby day! congrats heather and zac!!!

  21. robyn :

    Congrats you two, what an amazing family:) So happy for you!!!

  22. Kiley :

    Congrats!! She is beautiful. So happy for the three of you 🙂

  23. cherie :

    YAY Pine family. So happy for you all and what a happy family 😉
    Matt and Cherie

  24. Erin :

    So exciting, congratulations! Cannot wait to meet the newest Pine!

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