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CrossFit Open is over, as the numbers roll in, what are everyones experiences?



  1. Jim Duwve :

    The 6 WOD format over 7 weeks was grueling. It seemed to affect my normal training by forcing me to concentrate on putting up better numbers every week at the expense of varied routines.
    I really enjoyed the chance to meet everyone at Verve and MBS. The comments of support and good wishes from total strangers was very uplifting and motivational. I don’t think I could have made it into the top 20 without your help.
    The trainer’s focus on form and technique, during every training session, was very helpful in forcing me to fix bad habits acquired over the last 6 years of training on my own. I can’t say enough great things about Cherie’s coaching. Not only was she able to fix my back, create flexibility in the world’s tightest hips, and correct my technique but, she also got into my head and gave me confidence I wouldn’t have had on my own.
    The good thing about the open was that it definitely put a spotlight on my weakness and showed me were to focus my training efforts before the games. With that in mind, I am going to start working on a strength biased program so that the WOD’s with heavier weights and deadlifts are no longer my Achilles heal.

  2. Matt :

    Congrats Jim – saw your video this morning… Great job!!!
    My experience was probably a little different than most. I did not initially plan on doing the Open workouts b/c I was pre-qualified for the 2011 Games. When I found out I had to do them, I promised myself I would only treat the wod’s like another training day. I wouldn’t focus on the outcome, the scores, or whether I could do better than I did.
    With that said, I fell into the trap on a couple of occasions, of watching the leaderboard and getting caught up in the competition. I had wished I had done better in a couple of the wod’s and even repeated one of them (getting a worse score). I had to check my ego several times along the way and stay off the leaderboard until Sunday when everyone submitted scores and I couldn’t do the Wod again.
    All in all, it was fun and the workouts were very challenging. What I liked most about the Open was seeing Verve athletes truly become athletes – eat, sleep, and train for the event. I have a feeling that a few of you are going to take it to the next level over the next year or so.
    I also really like seeing the support that you all gave eachother and the other athletes who participated from other gyms. You make me proud of our community, which is exactly the reason why we decided to host these workouts every Saturday. Hi-fives and chest bumps all around.
    The competitions will become a mainstay throughout the year, making training a day-to-day part of life. How cool is that?!? AND… our team did pretty darn good. Proud!

  3. Greg :

    Mad props to all the competitors. You have all shown what it means to be elite. Not just with epic WOD’s but by being elite supporters of everyone trying their hardest. I am inspired and look forward to saying some day I know that guy or girl that just was crowned the fittest person in the world!

  4. Nat :

    About twenty minutes ago I was on the floor of the Verve gasping for air after completing WOD 11.6 for the second time. When the WOD was all said and done, I completed 98 reps, four less than what I had done the first time. I could have left the gym disappointed, frustrated and unhappy. I didn’t. The fact of the matter is I left the gym happy and proud. I had these feelings because I knew that on this given day, I had done my best. After all, Crossfit is our hobby; it is what we do for fun. I love Crossfit because it is my hour to be selfish. It is the one-hour where I get to be with my friends and free myself from the stresses of teaching and everyday life. So when I look back over the course of the past seven weeks I have no regrets. Am I glad it over? You bet. I am looking forward to going the gym on Wednesday and doing the WOD without looking at the Whiteboard beforehand. With that said, would I do it again? Absolutely. Due to the Games, it now clear to me where I stand amongst Crossfitters around the world. More importantly, I know where my weaknesses lie and where my strengths reside. All told, the games made me realize that no matter how one chooses to incorporate Crossfit into their life, it is important to recognize the purpose behind the hobby, and for me, that purpose is to have fun…. Oh and to look good without my shirt on! Summers coming… Suns out guns out Ververs.

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