Sunday 110612

Fun Day, Rest Day    

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Absolutely inspiring performances all day long from Team Verve and Cherie and Beth individually.  We couldn't be more proud of each and every one of the Verve athletes that have competed, volunteered, and cheered from near or afar.

Team CrossFit Verve is one of the top 10 teams to move on into the final day tomorrow, placing a strong 5th at the end of Day 2.  They fought adversity in both workouts today to grit it out and get the job done.  

Come see Emmalee and Matt complete "Amanda" WOD #5 at 9:25am.  
Zac, Sara, Zink and Lev will tear it up in the Chipper WOD #6 at 12:05pm. 

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Beth and Cherie continue to put on a show of strength and finesse, and get to continue the fun tomorrow as well.  Beth finishes Day 2 in 9th place, and our fearless leader Cherie has been the model of consistent domination, going into tomorrow maintaining 1st place again.

"Amanda" WOD 
Beth in Heat #1 at 10:00am
Cherie in Heat #2 at 10:20am

Chipper WOD
Beth in Heat #1 at 12:40pm
Cherie in Heat #2 at 2:00pm

Come on out and join the Verve crew to celebrate the final day of FUN.  What an amazing opportunity to have the CrossFit Games Southwest Regional in our very own backyard, inviting the top athletes from 5 states to showcase their talents.  We'll party it up after the last event, so take advantage of a rest day and come on out and enjoy best part of CrossFit–our community! 


  1. Pottsie :

    Go get’um! I’m there with ya in spirit!

  2. Jim D. :

    Way to make it a family competition Cheri. I’m so happy for you. I only regret not being able to see you and all the Verve athletes perform. I’ll see you in a week and look forward to getting ready for the games with you and Matt.
    Beth, the people I’m vacationing with are tired of me talking about your amazing performance throughout the sectionals and regionals. Keep your head high, you rock girl. And as I always tell my daughter, show the boys no mercy, kick their butts. I’m sure their are countless crossfit athletes that will continue to try and beat your time for years to come.
    I’m so proud to be associated with the Verve family.

  3. lil :

    You are amazing. And inspiring. I wish I could’ve cheered y’all on in person. I just kept checking my computer to see what was up. Way to go girl. You are a hard worker and you deserve it!! Y’all have fun in Cali!!

  4. Gayle :

    Just checked the scoreboard on the official site. You all ate amazing! A special congrats to Cherie-heading to Cali-you go girl!

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