Sunday 110710

"The Pool Skimmer"

Perform the following movements (except the swim) with a PVC, for time:

25 Back Squats
25 Front Squats
25 Overhead Squats
100 yard swim
25 Shoulder Press
25 Push Press
25 Push Jerks
100 yard swim
50 Squat Cleans
100 yard swim
50 Snatches
100 yard swim

What a great WOD to concentrate on form with 8 essential movements. Todays challenge is to make them fast and perfect.

Post time to comments.
Mobility 2
A class that mobilizes together, stays together. 

We will see you at the Berkeley pool today.  The address is 5031 W. 46th Ave.  Make sure you've signed up on MBO, and remember to bring your goggles, towel, and water wings.   


  1. Pottsie :

    Man! Wish I could do this WOD! Have fun for me guys 🙂

  2. Matt :

    PVC never felt so heavy!!! 14:14
    Where you been Potts?!?

  3. Ali :

    FYI….I was sooooo nervous to do my first swim WOD! But it really wasn’t that bad and it was a lot of fun:) All of you that are a little nervous to try them…should just give it a shot! It’s awesome! Thanks Matt for your help today.

  4. Pottsie :

    Work! I work on Sundays until further notice… This is why I’m needin’a Saturday swim WOD.

  5. This is an intense workout!! Kudos to you for being able to finish this. Just reading it makes me tired.

  6. Dustin :

    Just completed this at sea level with a 3lb alum bar, holy shit!!! 17:47But a great travel WOD none the less!!!

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