Sunday 111030

As a team of four, complete the following for time:

50 Jumping air squats
40 Overhead carry walking lunge steps, 45#/25#
30 KB Swings, 32kg/24kg
20 Toes to bar
10 Calories on the rower

This team must be made up of the athletes who did not participate in WOD #1.  When time starts, team member 1 begins the air squats.  When team member 1 completes 50 air squats, she may move to lunges and team member 2 may begin air squats.  When team member 1 completes the lunges, she may move to KB swings.  When team member 2 completes the air squats he may move to the KB swings only if team member 1 has completed her KB swings.  Time is called when team member 4 has completed 10 calories on the rower.
Gintzler getting some air time with heavy weights.  
Remember the Verve Halloween social today at 12noonish after the WOD's.  Prize for best costume!  Which costumed character do you want to see work it out today?  



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