Sunday 111106

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

3 Wall climbs
10 Up-downs
5 Parallette pass-throughs (forward + back = 1)
10 Grasshoppers (right + left = 1)

For the wall climbs, toes and chest touch the ground to toes and chest touch the wall. For the up-downs, thighs touch the ground then stand up fully. For the pass-throughs, the hips open at the front and back. For the grasshoppers, the shin contacts the opposite forearm.

Post rounds completed to comments.
Watch out!  They're coming for ya!

Don't forget to set your clocks back Saturday night!  Don't miss out on your extra hour of sleep before this WOD!  

Saturday's events were fun.  Great turnout for our free Saturday Intro 11am WOD, Addie PR'd both her lifts at the Weightlifting Meet–and our competitors at the Emerfit Games represented us well!  Cecily, Ali, Robyn, and Dan all PR'd their 2 rep max front squats and were prepared for the unknown considering their opening event included bobbing for apples!!


  1. Watson :

    Brooke too! Great showing and tons of fun had in Fort Fun today by the Verve crew. Sad to have missed AK’s PR performances though. What a great day to be a part of the Verve Family!

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