Sunday 120506

Four rounds, each for time:
Row 500m
Rest 3:00 minutes.

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Team Verve working together

Sunday SouthWest Regionals schedule:

Team Verve Women @ 8am
Emmalee and Cherie @ 8:49am
Team Verve Men @ 9:50am
Matt @  10:39

Team Verve @ 12:17pm
Emmalee and Cherie @  1:02pm
Matt @ 2:47pm

Beyond Relentless

“I have a secret: I won’t go gently into the good night.

I will fight. I will struggle. I will scratch and crawl my way to that PR. I will keep going when I think I can’t. I will succeed even when it seems failure is the only option. I will count me in when others count me out.

Who are you to think you can defeat me? Who are you to underestimate me? Have you ever lived in my head? Breathed my air? Felt my soul? No. And if you did, you would be smart enough to be scared. Very scared.

I am a word beyond relentless. A power beyond unstoppable. A force this world has not even really begun to understand.

Go ahead and underestimate me. I like it better that way. I will simply keep working until there is nothing between me and … victory.”                                                                                                                                     — An essay from CrossFit Lisbeth, thank you.

Please come celebrate with us at Jake’s Denver (just up the street from CrossFit Verve at 3800 Walnut Street  Denver, CO 80205) on Sunday evening at 630pm.  We are thankful for each of you and hope you can join us!


  1. Wow. Everyone was incredible today. Totally inspirational.
    Makes me a very proud member of this box.

  2. Scotty :


    Matt, Emmalee, Cherie and Team Verve. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME AND AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL!
    Im proud to know I train with all of you. If I wasn’t on duty I would say so in person at the after party. Have fun tonight!

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