Sunday 120923

All Verve WODs today at Commons Park, see map below.

Ten Rounds for time:

Shoulder Roll to 40 yard Dash 10 Pushups
Shoulder Roll to 40 yard dash 15 KB Swings, 32kg (24kg)
Rest 30 seconds

Post times to BTW.

630am crew loving “the couch.”

Verve is hosting the CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar this weekend, so we can teach you how to get more “swoll” yay!  All Sunday WODs will meet at Commons Park, (18th & Little Raven.)  Look for the fun, friendly group of people doing fitness fast.

Also, if you or a friend missed the Hydrostatic BodyFat Truck (aka Dunk Tank) testing a couple weeks ago, we’ll be hosting Rosanne back for a short period this upcoming Thursday, Sept 27th from approximately 7am-12noon.  These limited slots will be at a deeply discounted rate due to training for a new truck on it’s way to Florida.  Check, cash or credit card accepted onsite.  Sign-up sheet at Verve!  Open to the public, so invite your friends.

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  1. What is a shoulder roll exactly? Are we talkin’ some sort of Chuck Norris WOD?

    • CrossFit Verve :

      Yes Cat, it’s ninja time! Similar to a forward roll. In some soft friendly grass into a run, with some friends. Gonna be fun!


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