Sunday 120930

Cleans, 2-2-2-2-2
Max yoke or Zercher carry x 3 attempts for max load

Post loads to comments and BTW.

We missed you Aaron! Welcome home to Verve.

Get ready folks.  Powerlifting Total on Monday!  Don’t miss it!  Schedule yo-self!


  1. Good to see you again Aaron! Lisa too! I love seeing faces from little Verve. 🙂

  2. bill :

    Whats the distance on the carrys?

  3. bill :

    Just did 60ft-turnaround-60ft. 255lbs zercher carry, was hard to keep my upper back straight towards the end

  4. Jenn :

    Hi all –

    I couldn’t find my log book in the red baskets this morning, and am wondering if someone grabbed it by mistake.


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