Sunday 121014

Gymnastics skills day

then, “Karen” for time:

150 Wall ball shots, 20# (14#)

Compare to: 112206.

Post skills practice and times to comments and BTW.

Pound for pound, the strongest two were Addie and Zink today!

What a cool day.  CrossFit Verve athletes competing all over the world in addition to performing daily feats of strength in everyday life!

At the Lodo Open, the single day of competition ended with crowning Addie and Zink winners, with Emmalee and Eric nipping at their heels in second place.  Sarah Lev and Francis PR’d their back squats in crowd-pleasing fashion, while TJ and Anna battled through the day and had a great showing.  Verve’s own Julie C suffered a wrist injury in the first WOD and was advised not to continue.  We wish her a speedy recovery!

At the Front Range Master’s Championship, which finishes on Sunday Jamie Izzo is sitting in 19th, after strong, consistent performances all day long.  Jamie will complete WOD 4 at 12noon and WOD 5 at 3:40pm if you can join us to cheer him on!  Gabe Romero (who has duel affiliation) is also competing and will be throwing down at 12:16pm and 3:50pm.  Gabe is currently in 7th place.  Our own JBlack had to withdraw unfortunately.  

Meanwhile, half a world away…….Matt Chan and Team USA won the Reebok CrossFit Invitational in London versus Team Europe.  Matt had “blazingly fast burpees,” in addition to a Clean & Jerk of 335#, just to name a few high points on his way to helping the team win.  If you want to watch archived footage, check out the CrossFit Games page here, it’s coming soon.  

We are so proud of each and everyone of you!  Way to put your fitness to work.  


  1. Jim D. :

    Way to go everyone. I never realized how hard it is to be a spectator when you can’t compete. I enjoyed watching Jamie and Gabe PR their cleans today. I wish I could have been at the Lodo competition as well. Congrats to Zink and Addie you two are awesome.

  2. Yeah, congrats everyone! I sure had a TON of fun falling on my ass in front of everyone! Don’t mind me, I’ll just be icing/heating/icing my stupid wrist for probably the rest of my life.

  3. Leslie :

    So much fun watching everyone yesterday 🙂 Great job! Verve athletes are the best!

  4. Ali :

    I heart these two!! Congrats everyone!

  5. Scotty :

    Congrats everyone… even you Zink

  6. Cherie :

    Congrats everyone. I LOVE this pic! Kisses

  7. Mas :

    Good job by all this weekend! I love all the support our athletes received too!


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