Sunday 121021

Three rounds for time:

10 Deadlifts, 275# (185#)
40′ Handstand walk
10 Toes to bar
40′ Handstand walk

Compare to: 120330

Post to BTW.

Please help Mike, Cheresa and Charlie welcome Lettie Kate! Born October 19th at 6lbs, 11oz.

CrossFit Verve’s class schedule is now directly on our website, via the schedule tab.  Let us know if you like it!  Or if you don’t!  Please post to comments. 


  1. Emmalee :

    Lettie is beautiful! Charlie is sweet on her already – congrats Cannings

  2. mas :

    Congratulations Mike and Cheresa!! So happy for all of you!

  3. Ali :

    Congrats!! What a beautiful family!

  4. Robyn :

    Welcome to the world Lettie! Congrats Cannings!

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