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Snatch balance

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Post loads to comments and BTWB.

Emmalee stayed focused and qualified for her first big show in California! Oh, and she married a great guy in J, so she’s got alot going for her!

The OPENutrition Seminar continues Sunday afternoon 12pm-3:30pm.  Eating Psychology and Nutrition Challenge details included.  Sign up for your Hydrostatic BodyFat Test here with Roseanne.  The body fat tests are open to the whole community, so come get accurate measurements on where you are now, so you can accurately figure out where you wanna go!  The cost for the BodyFat tests is $65 which includes a before and after test.  If you would like to join in on the single day discussion, show up and chat with Heather to get signed in!

Please consider joining us in supporting a great cause with the second annual Run With The Big Girls 5K Run/Walk/Crawl.  All proceeds go to Luke and Bridget Ahfield (our CrossFit family in Illinois) and the expenses they have related to intensive therapy for their daughter Jordyn.  This will help cover the therapy costs themselves and travel expenses.  

This virtual 5K can be done anywhere, anytime.  You run it when it’s convenient for you.  You don’t have to go to Texas or Kentucky or Missouri.  By the way, those are just a few of the states that will be represented so far with our 5K!  We’ll be hosting it on Sunday at our Endurance Fun Run at 8am.  Sign up here!


  1. James (O.G.) :

    I didn’t know Emm had an alot! They’re so cute! (That was for you, Erin)

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