Sunday 130929

Offsite 10am WOD at City Park. See directions below.

For time:

Run 5k

Post time to comments and BTWB.

All the Verve ladies competing at Girls Gone RX. We are so proud of you!

It was an incredible day for all of our athletes competing at the Girls Gone RX competition in Thornton.  PR’s were flying around and smiles abounded.  Thank you to all the Verve family who came out to show their support or sent love from afar.  It was heard and felt by all the athletes.  We are one happy, damn hot family.  Way to show it!  

Meet us at the NorthEast corner of City Park.  Plenty of parking near the ballfields East of the Denver Zoo.

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Congratulations to all the ladies that competed yesterday.
Booby Buccaneers: 8th place
Bonkers for Honkers: 23rd place
Hee haw hotties: 24th place
We care about your pair: 35th place
Twisted tatas: 66th place


  1. NateRader :

    No Cherry Picking!!!

  2. NateRader :

    …And great job all you ladies!!! very awesome to see such a Verve representation!!

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