Monday 130930

“Olympic Total”

Snatch, 1RM
Clean & Jerk, 1RM

Post loads and PRs to comments and BTWB.

World class training takes world class dedication and preparation.

What a fantastic weekend with all of our Verve family.  Our beloved home played host to our effervescent Matt Chan and the other well-respected CrossFit HQ trainers sharing their extensive knowledge with over 50 visitors during a CrossFit Level 1 Course.  We had 14 Verve ladies compete at the Girls Gone RX competition in Thornton to benefit Barbells for Boobs, at which we had a TON of support from trainers, athletes, and family all day.  Verve took over Mile High Spirits and had an EPIC social evening, followed by a gorgeous 5k run in sunny fall Colorado.

We return to the Olympic Total today to see how our recent strength targeting programming is paying off.  Many of our ladies saw the pay-off on Saturday as they PR’d amidst the competitive atmosphere as well!  Let us know what you’ve thought about everything!

On a different note . . . lots of discussion over the last week regarding the safety of CrossFit during pregnancy, or the education of rhabdo in the CrossFit community, or if CrossFit is dangerous.  The discussions and opinions are widespread across the spectrum.  We had an athlete ask us to use this opportunity to educate you all here on the blog.  Did you know that we’ve been providing daily blogposts here for nearly 5 years?  Daily!!  We aim to provide you, our audience near and far with educational, inspirational, information everyday.  And we believe in the importance of investing time in each of you near and far.

Want more information on Rhabdo?  Well, in addition to discussing it in our Foundations Program we also discuss it regularly in our bi-weekly trainer meetings.  We also have written about it here on multiple occasions  as referenced here,
and here,
and here,
and here,
and here, and here. . . and here to name a few days.

We also discuss Risk vs. Reward in training and reference ways to improve your training, recovery and performance such as here.  We discuss simple ways to get better and have honest confessions regarding checking our ego.  We discuss returning safely from injuries and we drive home the important CrossFit progression of Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity both here on the blog and daily in our culture.   Our training team meets regularly to evaluate each other, educate each other and improve how you move, perform and feel.   We regularly seek feedback from our athletes and know that the journey to our best health and fitness requires daily dedication. 

So let us know: What topics would you like to see us address?  Are you reading us?  Are you getting what you need from us inside and outside our walls?



  1. James (O.G.) :

    I would like to know who does Clancy’s hair?

  2. Clancy :

    Paul Mitchell obviously

  3. Linda Kiker :

    Yes, I am reading you! I’ve only been a member for a few weeks but I am so impressed with the coach’s attention to detail. I am actually overwhelmed with the amount of coaching I’ve received. It’s a breath of fresh air and I feel like I’m going to be stronger, safer and happier than ever in the gym!

  4. Cobb :

    Reading… Good stuff.

  5. Leslie :

    I would like to see a post on recovery for (older) athletes- what should we be doing daily? What equipment do you recommend and when to use- wrist wraps, knee sleeves, etc…

  6. Jeremy :

    There is so much attention paid to post-WOD nutrition, and rightly so. However, I would love to hear the wise and sage-like advice of the Verve Brain Trust on pre-WOD nutrition.

    On another note, great coaching today (as always) from Courtney and Joylyn. These lifts were like a foriegn language to me when I started at Verve, and now I’m slowly but consistently becoming stronger and more competent in my technique; thanks in no small part to exemplary coaching.

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