Sunday 131103

Turn your clocks back tonight for Daylight Savings Time!  Enjoy that extra sleep!

“Roaming Diane”

For time:
21 – 15 – 9 
Deadlift, 225#(155#)
Handstand walk (in meters)

Post time to comments and BTWB.

Sarah Lev coming at ya! Get on in and enjoy some fun fitness.

Check out this demo video here to see some of your famous lovable coach faces.

Our next Foundations Program begins Monday, November 4th at 7pm.  Foundations runs Monday/Tuesday/Thursday evenings 7pm-8:15pm for a total of 6 small group sessions.  Cost is $150 and you get an incredible introduction to CrossFit movements, theory, and our methods of training.  Please sign up on our schedule link or email with any questions.  

Also, you’ll see some schedule additions beginning this next week.  Our Open Gym times have been expanded to include Monday-Thursday 10am-11:30am, and Tuesday/Thursday 8-9pm.  This means nearly 25 hours of Open Gym throughout the week for you to come enjoy Verve more in the upcoming winter months.  

Also, please be sure to check out the past Friday post for important information regarding an upcoming opportunity at CrossFit Verve.



  1. Danni :

    Great video, we miss you, Joe!

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