Sunday 140302

7am WOD only at Verve.  Track WOD at 9:30am, see below.


21-15-9 reps for time:

Deadlifts, 225# (185#) 
Handstand push-ups

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Most of the awesome Saturday 6pm Open WOD crew.

Track WOD at 9:30am at North High School located at the track at 2960 N Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80211.  Come test your true running distances on a legit track and get your sweat on with the crew!

Endurance Running on Monday at 6:30am.  Good active recovery and opportunity to work those pose running skills.  

The worldwide 2014 CrossFit Games Open is still in it’s opening weekend!  Amazing performances everyday by our athletes near and far.  We couldn’t be more inspired by each and everyone of you.  Still want to do (or re-do) 14.1?  You can set up a time during Open Gym hours on Monday with one of our coaches.  Still on the fence about signing up?  Do it!  Set some benchmarks for where you are THIS year, so you have something to smash NEXT year!  Sign up here and join our CrossFit Verve TEAM.  

Reminder that if you are competing in the Open that you need to have your score for 14.1 submitted by 6pm on Monday.  Submit your score here

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