Sunday 140615

Two rounds for max meters:

Row 6:00
Rest 1:00
Row 5:00
Rest 1:00
Row 4:00
Rest 5:00

Post meters to comments and BTW.

Jordan working Agility, 1 of the 10 General Physical Skills of of fitness.  Do you know all 10?  Win a prize below.

Jordan training Agility, 1 of the 10 General Physical Skills of of Fitness.

We are coming up on our final 4 weeks of our Strength cycle 2 days/week you’ve been seeing in the programming.  We’ve been seeing some great adaptations in fitness and technique, so stick with it!  What are your thoughts so far?  

Upcoming Swimming Workshops and WODs on Saturday, June 21st at Berkeley Pool.  Only 2 classes scheduled and they fill fast, so please sign up on MBO.  These are free for Verve members, $20 drop in for visitors.

Wear your swimsuit, and bring your goggles and caps if you have them.  We provide the space, equipment and awesome coaching you are used to.  We will be working on some basic swimming techniques and drills then have a fun swim-focused WOD.  Get some vitamin D and your WOD on all at once!

Outside WODs on Sunday, June 22nd.  Location TBD.  Any favorites or requests in mind?  Let us know in comments and we’ll put together something epic!

June 18th @ 7pm is the Competition Crew meeting to discuss interest and programming plans.

Next Foundations begins Monday, June 23rd at 7pm.

June 27th @ 5:30pm is Verve Happy Hour at Interstate Kitchen and Bar.

Next Free Saturday Intro Class on June 28th at 8am.

July 4th Denver Outlaws game, with an awesome fireworks show.  Purchase tickets here.  Promo code: Verve 
Only 40 tickets reserved, all tickets must be purchased by midnight on Sunday, June 29th.

Rowing Class Update!

With the shenanigans of the Open and Regionals behind us, now is a fantastic time to work on your lungs. Enter: the rowing machine. The next cycle of Sunday’s rowing class is aimed at increasing your aerobic threshold, or rather the place in which you shift from predominantly work fueled by oxygen (aerobic) to work done in the absence of that handy dandy O2 (anaerobic.)

Over the next seven weeks, every Sunday, we will be working towards a 40 minute test. Each week we will do 40 minutes of work on the machine – starting with shorter intervals and more rest, and moving towards longer intervals with less rest – until you are ready to attack the whole 40 minutes.

Week 1 of the progression starts today! If you’re reading this post and thinking to yourself that you hate rowing – that is probably a good indication that you should come to rowing class – just sayin….Shoot Maddie an email, with any questions!

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