Sunday 140713

For time:

Row 1000m
50 Ring pushups
Row 750m
30 Ring pushups
Row 500m
20 Ring pushups

Post to comments and BTW.

Welcome to Verve Patrick!

Welcome to Verve Patrick!

Upcoming this week, you’ll find it is deload week from our current strength cycle of olympic lifts.  Fun workouts will still keep you challenged and testing your fitness, you just won’t see the same hang cleans and hang snatches from the last couple months.  We’ll be testing some new 1RM next week, so plan on joining us and seeing how strong, powerful, and technically sound you are!

Also, we’ll be hosting a Track Day next Saturday, so come on out and get a great workout and find out how truly fast your sprints, 400m, etc are!  If you want to join us at Verve, on Saturday we’ll be hosting Coach Chris Hinshaw for his Aerobic Capacity Seminar.  Sign up via MBO Seminars or our Events page link.  Cost is $150 for the day and will involve 2 workouts and 4 lectures to help you develop your aerobic capacity and improve your resistance to fatigue. 

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