Sunday 141026

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

5 Weighted pull-ups, 35# (24#)
10 Push-ups with feet on 30″ box (24″)
15 Squats holding a 45# plate (25#)

Post time to comments and BTWB.

Lee just hanging around Verve this week.

Sunday, Lee Zink will be partaking in the final on-field opportunity to make the USA International Lacrosse team.  He will be competing with the top lacrosse players throughout the country, but we know he can hold his own as he comes off his second straight MLL Defensive Player of the Year season.  The game will be shown on ESPN3 and ESPN U at 11:30am.  Click here to see the rosters for the game.  Go get it Lee!  

Meghan and Molly representing Verve and the Broncos.

Molly and Meghan finished Day 1 looking strong and will be finishing up Winter WODfest Sunday.  Day #1 was indoor at the gym, but now Sunday they move inside for some fun in the pool.  The WODs will be held at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center; 5310 E 136th Ave  Thornton, CO.  

Their heats are at 8:15am and 11:45am.  Please join us to cheer them on!

Rowing races are Sunday (today) at 12:15pm at Verve.  If you are unable to attend class but interested in joining one of the Verve teams at the Indoor Rowing Championships on Saturday, February 1st at the Colorado Athletic Club on Monaco please email

JumpNrope Double Under Seminar is next Saturday, February 1st at Verve 2:30pm-4:30pm.  This is open to anyone and everyone.  Cost is $35 paid to the JumpNrope crew.  You can sign up via the link here.  Get on that New Year’s Resolution to learn or improve your double-unders before the CrossFit Open begins next month.  The seminar is a ton of fun, with you moving and practicing and receiving coaching from a great group of jump rope professionals.  They will also have different ropes for sale at the seminar if you are looking for something new.


  1. Danni :

    Good Luck, Lee! Show em how it’s done 🙂
    Also, best of luck to Molly and Meghan! Have a blast ladies, swim your little hearts out

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