For max load:

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

Post loads to comments.


Advanced body rows for Jake and Chelsea.

What is more fundamental and functional that picking heavy objects off the floor?  People generally tend to avoid working their low-backs for fear of injury, when in reality they are worsening the problem by ignoring their weakness.  While we don't advocate pushing yourself to the absolute max while your are learning the proper mechanics of a deadlift, we do encourage you to push yourself to the limit of good form.  This is the point where you are still able to maintain a favorable back position while lifting.

One thing to focus on is the rate of rise between your shoulders and hips while you begin the lift.  Before the bar passes the knee cap, remember that your shoulders and hips should move in unison – meaning that one should not rise faster than the other.  If your shoulders rise faster than your hips, the barbell will swing outward away from the body, which will take the weight far from your center of gravity throwing you off balance.  As you pull the weight past your knee caps, forcefully drive the hips forward into an open position while the bar maintains contact with the legs.  Voila!

Seven rounds for time
7 Pull ups
7 Wallballs, 20# (15#)


  1. Anna :

    Cherie, I think before pics are great! I wish Aln and I would have done that for ourselves when we started.
    Have we heard what the tshirt design is going to be and can I ask if we can get tank tops?

  2. Joylyn :

    Oooooooooooh, I like both ideas, pics AND tank tops!

  3. Dan :

    I would like mine in a mankini.

  4. Luke :

    A mankini. Nice. That would be somethin for the passer-by’s on 38th to see as they drive by.
    Is it too late to go in for Rockies tickets on the 9th? Cuz I’m in.
    Tried the deadlifts/burpee WOD today. 7:02.

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