Sunday 151025

For time:
50 Ab mat sit ups
5 Muscle ups
40 Ab mat sit ups
4 Muscle ups
30 Ab mat sit ups
3 Muscle ups
20 Ab mat sit ups
2 Muscle ups
10 Ab mat sit ups
1 Muscle up

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Paleo Pancakes!! YAAA!

Paleo Pancakes!! YAAA!

Pancakes?  YES!! The following recipe comes from our very own Maddie Berky from her MadWellness website.  In case you didn’t know, Maddie has a great FREE E-book download that you should absolutely download and read to get some great tips on the WHY’s and WHAT’s to put on your plate named BUILD A BALANCED PLATE LIKE A FOOD NINJA.  

  1. 1 large, super ripe plantain (~1 cup)
  2. 1 egg
  3. 1T coconut flour
  4. 1/8 t baking soda
  5. dash of salt & cinnamon
  1. Chop and peel your plantain. (You can choose any order on those verbs, but I find plantains are easiest to maneuver when you’ve cut off both ends; cut at least in half; sliced through 1-2 sides of the skin with a small pairing knife; and then peel them.)
  2. Place peeled plantain and the remaining ingredients in your food processor and pulse till totally smooth. If your batter looks super thin, add a little more coconut flour. You may need to try some batter at this point too – just throwing that idea out there 😉
  3. Heat a medium – large frying over medium heat (you may need to turn in back down to medium low if it’s browning the bottom of your pancakes, especially if you have an electric stove.)
  4. Place a generous dollop of coconut oil, butter or ghee not the hot pan. Scoop batter into the pan (I made pancakes about 3 inch across) and let cook till the batter on the sides starts to become firm.
  5. With great authority, slide your spatula under each pancake and flip. No matter what happens, don’t apologize.
  6. I tend to eat my pancakes more medium rare, so I almost immediately pull those suckers off after flipping. If you like them more around the well-done realm, keep them on till when you press gently on the top it feels firm-ish.
  7. Top with fruit, nuts, a fried egg, some maple syrup, and or whatever’s in your heart.
  8. Great little snacks for later. Especially with a some nut butter spread on top. Just sayin’…


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