"Tabata This"






Tabata intervals (20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times per exercise)  There is a 1 minute rest period between exercises.  This one is for the log books.

Post reps to comments, count calories for the row.   


Tiffany snatching at Front Range during yesterday'sWOD.


Zac, Joylyn, Tiffany, Tim, Jen and Elizabeth at yesterday's WOD.  Missing from photo (Mike Leet, Matt & Cherie).

We would like to thank Front Range CrossFit for hosting yet another free, fun event.  Everyone did great, there were seven athletes from around Colorado that completed the workout as rx'd, in under the twelve minute time.  See full results here.

Health and fitness are goals we are continuously striving to obtain.  We want to look better, perform better and FEEL better.  Many times, mental health is overlooked when planning our attack.  We work to be strong and eat right, but do we work to "feel" good?

All work and no play make Johnny a dull boy.  Playing is an obvious key in feeling good and is often overlooked, or put on the sidelines while other things take it's place.  Playing keeps us feeling young, laughing and assists in preventing us from taking ourselves too seriously.

Playing has always been on our top 5 priority list of things to do, mind you it does not always get checked off the list.  One way to keep it fun, is to make it either spontaneous or something you haven't done before.  What extracurricular things have you done lately for fun?  How often do you make the time for fun?  

Today we (Zac, Matt and Cherie) went and played dodge-ball on trampolines.  This was super fun and highly recommended.  Playing is a key contributor to feeling young.  Who wants to be around people who take themselves too seriously?  Lighten the load and get out for some good old fashioned laughter.  You may be amazed at how good it makes you feel.  Post ideas to comments.

Lisa Ward, one of Verves newest members will be organizing a rafting trip for Verve on June 20th.  Mark your calendars now, to save the date.  Lisa was a rafting guide in Vail and Fort Collins, any preferences to location?  Post thoughts and other ideas to comments.  We would like to organize a minimum of one event a month, starting in May. 


  1. Joylyn :

    Okay, where is this dodgeball on trampolines you all keep speaking of? I wanna do it! My guru once said, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” Mas, I hope you are ready for the wrath a-coming your way in the form of a dodgeball!

  2. Mas :

    So im not sure if you know this, but I’m pretty much a big deal. I failed to mention that I was an all WORLD dodgeball player in my section 7 schedule d night college class. Bring it!!!

  3. Matt :

    I challenge you both to a dodgeball tourney TBA at a later date. No pads and no holds barred.
    I’m very pround of everyone for a great showing at Front Range yesterday. It was fun… and I can’t believe we visted Jump Street afterwards either. It does feel good to be a 31 year old kid.

  4. Joylyn :

    Hmmmmm. Maybe the May event should be a dodgeball tourney. Of course we should also have a field day complete with a three legged race, potato sack race, etc. And other great midwest activities.
    Don’t forget the Urban Assault ride on July 26 (yes it includes riding bikes around lodo and performing childish/goofy challenges and drinking beer. I cannot think of a better way to spend my birthday. You all better be there…or else!
    sorry for all the posting, can you tell I have some free time at work tonight? Good for the Denver community, bad for me.

  5. Jared :

    I know many of you have wondered why I have a pink headband… the true answer really is trampoline dodgeball. I am an pre-crossfit x-pro that had to take an exit due to injury. I think with my strenuous crossfit training, I will be ready to enter the ring once again.
    Take a look at an old trampoline dodgeball photo by clicking on my name or here:
    You’re going down Matt!

  6. tiffany :

    woohoo! rafting?? tramp dodgeball?? (oh wait, that one really can’t be shortened…heh) AND the urban assault? this is about to get F.U.N.!! Joylyn, i’ll be at the urban assault, it’s my teammate’s bday too!! we’ll have to meet up! =)

  7. tiffany :

    awesome, jared…lol.
    i finally have a photo grimace going on!!! sah-weet!

  8. Alan :

    Man…Anna and I are so jealous that we missed Front Range and Dodge Ball!!!! We are STILL snowed in! We got about 40 inches, and have been out of power going on our 3rd day! Hopefully we will have power tomorrow or Tues!!!! Congrats to all that competed at Front Range!

  9. Matt :

    Alan, sorry to hear that you two are bearing the electricity-less world up there by your lonesome. Could be worse I suppose :^)
    On my second spontaneous fun day, Zac and I went up to Winter Park and ran into spontaneous fun pair #2 – Josh and Jared. How funny is that?!?
    Last week of Paleo diet – who’s going to win?

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