Sunday 170430

“DeVito Strong”
77 pull-ups

Then, 4 rounds:
8 Deadlifts, 135#(95#)
8 Hang power cleans, 135#(95#)
29 Walking lunge steps

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Sarah DeVito

Sarah DeVito


Today we come together as a community to honor a dear friend that left this earth far too early. Whether you knew Sarah or not, she represents something bigger. Her battle was unfortunately one that too many of us can relate to. Too many have had to watch someone close lose their battle with cancer or have fought the battle themselves. So while today will be a day for those closest to Sarah to enjoy each other’s company, share stories and laughs, cry and fight the frustrations that come with wondering why life is the way life is, today is also a day for anyone who stood beside another fighter, another loved one battling cancer. Today is for anyone that supported their friend or family during their hardest time, and made sure they were not fighting alone. Today we honor our friend, we salute her hard fought fight, we remember who she was before cancer enter her world, and we also stand together as a show of support for anyone else that simply needs it. Let the loss of our good friend be what brings us together to be even stronger. 

Thank you Sarah for being in our lives, we are all better for having known you. 

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