Rest day

Good rest days are just as important to fitness as nutrition and working out.   Enjoy the day, relax, and play a little… it’s been a great week.

Alan getting his elbows high and outside.


Dr. Sears answers the question, What is the Zone?  Check out his website for helpful resources. 

"The Zone is not some mystical place or some clever marketing terms. It is a real physiological state in your body where the hormones that control silent inflammation are maintined in a zone that is not too high, but not too low. This requires treating food as if it were a drug to be taken at the right dose and at the right time. However, saying food is a drug is actually derogatory to food since your diet affects hormones that are hundreds of times more powerful than any drug. In many respects, food will be the most powerful drug you will ever take because you are using this drug at least three times a day for the rest of your life. Thus your diet can be your greatest ally or worst enemy because the hormonal rules for humans haven’t changed in the past 150,000 years, and they probably won’t change tomorrow."


  1. Wyman :

    Petau got the game ball for doing two workouts back to back.
    Lt Williams 17:15 (Saturday)
    Wyman 10:45 (Saturday)
    Petau 13:43
    Row 500m
    28 tire flips
    Hose tower with LDH
    10 ring dips

  2. Matt :

    Oh damn, I like the looks of the Sunday WOD. I know for a fact that the LDH hose pack weight nearly 100lbs. Might as well be a buddy carry. Nice work 66’s.

  3. Matt :

    May 12:53 (assist band)

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