Sunday 091128

For time:

100 Meter lunge
100 Double unders
50 Medicine ball cleans, 20#/14#
Double unders
100 Meter lunge

Post time to comments.

Anna during the Thanksgiving day team WOD.

Please help to welcome Anna Anderson to the CrossFit Verve training staff.  Anna has been doing CrossFit for over a year, completed her Level I training, and has interned with Verve's foundations for two months.  We are happy and proud to have her as a part of our training staff.   


  1. Alan :

    Congratulations Anna! I know this has been a huge goal for you, for a very long time! Way before CrossFit, or even Colorado, you dreamed of becoming a trainer! I am so proud of you! You set your sights…You made goals…You went out there, and you did it ON YOUR OWN! You Rock! Have Fun With It!!!! I can’t wait to be in one of YOUR classes! I Love You!

  2. derek :

    Yea Anna! very cool

  3. Danimal :

    Right on Anna! Congrats girl!

  4. Congrats Anna! Can’t wait for you to kick my ass! 🙂

  5. James :

    Congratulations, Anna! Well deserved. The Verve roster of talented trainers keeps expanding.

  6. Dan :


  7. Amy Schaeffer :

    Yay Anna!!!!

  8. tiff :

    congrats anna! i’m so happy for you! =) you bring such enthusiasm and dedication to verve, and i look forward to taking your classes.

  9. Luke :

    Yeah, Anna. Way to be. Word.

  10. Anna :

    Awwww shucks yall! Thanks for all the support guys. I truly want to be one of the best rainers, always upnfor criticism and suggestions! Thank you all for being such willing subjects. To all those I taught today I appreciate you putiing faith in me and coming to class. You all made me proud. So excited to teach each and every one of you! Again thanks for all the spport.
    To Matt and Cherie, I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to be a trainer of some kind, whether aerobics, swimming, now crossfit! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to make this dream come true. See yall in the gym for some ass kickin fun!

  11. Anna :

    So I need to work on spelling as well. OOOPS anyhow you get the message!

  12. Anna :

    To my husband, I feel like I am at the grammy’s. Thankyou for all your pushing. You truly inspire and push me in ways I never felt I could. All this is for you! I love you too!

  13. Elizabeth :

    Congrats Anna! You and Alan motivated me to start Crossfit and now I get you to push me on my own journey! Thank you for everything and look forward to the ass-kicking!

  14. Joylyn :

    Congrats Anna!

  15. Congrats Anna!

  16. Elizabeth :

    Did a modification of this workout with Heather C last night.
    For time:
    100 DU
    50 Jumping Lunges
    50 situps
    50 DB cleans at 20#
    300 SU (’cause I couldn’t handle the whipping anymore)
    50 JL
    50 situps
    Completed in 20:17. Harder than I thought, and a bitch of a workout. Wish I could have done it with Anna yelling at me!

  17. jane :

    Yeah Anna! You were a very motivating force in our fundamentals class and I look forward to one of your classes!

  18. Tim M. :

    Congratulations Anna!

  19. Nice, Love – barefoot shoes, pleine comme une coupe de vin. waa…….

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