As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

12 Pull-ups

6 Man-eaters 40# (25#) 

Post time to comments.

A donut, deviled egg, super hero and a hippie, sounds like one heck of a trip.

What a fun day of costumes, work outs and frolic.  If you missed it, check out the photo album to the right.  Congrats to Caption Magnifico and Thriller's Brittany, for winning the costume contest.  It was a tough race for sure.

Today at 1pm, we are having a nutrition discussion.  Come one come all.


  1. Sherry :

    Great Halloween pics.

  2. Sherry :

    WANTED: Obviously Superior, Bad Ass, tire flipping, kipping, chalked up, power thrusting, Elite CF athletes
    to help me move, Sunday, Nov 22, only after CF WOD, of Course!
    I’ll have my cameral to take a ‘bunch of sweet ass’ pics of you lifting heavy furniture in an overhead squat for your facebook page, while impressing my new landlord/housemate… and my old neighbors, who will be jealous of your hard bodies, and wishing they looked as good as you in the ‘no shirt look’, or had as many random bruises.
    I live in Lafayette, so on the drive you can work on best strategies for leaping stairs in a single bound while lifting furniture overhead, (w/o touching the walls.)
    AMRANTGJD = as many rounds as needed to get the job done. Stop watch available. Feel free to post time and results with your cool pics.
    Thanks in advance for those of you CF friends/family who can help. I really appreciate it!!! Sherry
    *No tic tacs available…. YES, almonds will be available
    This is only for those who:
    *don’t think you’ve worked hard enough in a workout
    *are supreme
    *It’s your rest day and you don’t know what to do with yourself
    *have written your name on the board
    *have a large “capacity across broad time and modal domains”
    *have never written your name on the board
    *have ever felt like a GD Navy Seal and Olympic Gold Medalist wrapped in a suit of body armor
    *BYOPVCP – bring your own PVC pipe 😉

  3. Holly :

    I dunno….I personally LOVE Fran the devil….because the devil she is! Way to go guys!

  4. Sherry,
    I’m unable to help but never forget that you must always offer food/beer/cash and prizes for assistance in moving.
    Just tryin’ to help ya out!

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