1 Mile run

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Squats

1 Mile run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed.  If you have a twenty pound vest or body armor – wear it!  This is Rob's birthday WOD – happy b-day Rob.  Last done May 9, 2009.

Post time to comments.


Wonder woman's powers include; super strength, super speed, super stamina and flight. Sound like any CrossFitters you know?

Sunday, today at 1pm, we're hosting our "Get in the Zone" workshop at Verve. This is a great opportunity to get dialed in, ask questions and meet other zoners.  We will introduce you to the Zone and Paleolithic eating and discuss the foundations of a sound long term nutritional program.  We will discuss timing and frequency of meals, sizing and portioning of meals specific to you (your body measurements, your activity level, and your goals).  We'll also build a day's worth of meals and discuss how to make the most of every meal. Sound fun?  Come join us!

Celebrations are in order.  Yesterday's "Annie" WOD not only had many people improving their times, but also offered the opportunity to work on that number one nemesis of most  Verve athletes.  Here is a sample of improvements compared to June 19th: Amy dropped 5:15, Elizabeth dropped 2:47, James completed it as rx and dropped :43, Tiffany dropped :37, Tim K. dropped 2:27, Stef dropped :58, and Jen Hartley got double unders for the first time.  Not to mention, we had 22 athletes complete this WOD as perscribed, compared to 13 on the 19th.  Congrats to everyone, it pays to work on your weaknesses.  Remember to log your results so that you may track your them over time.


  1. Alan and Anna :

    Hey Verve,
    Anna and I were trying to deceide if we were going to do the camping trip in Steamboat next weekend or not. If anyone WANTS to go please let us know by Tuesday of next week. We have not had many interested, and no one has commited. If no one wants to go, we just want to make some other plans before it gets too late. Please let us know something by Tues. Thanks A&A

  2. Erin :

    Damn it! Missing Murph AGAIN! Argghh!
    Can we have a makeup day?

  3. Tiff :

    alan, i will go if there’s a group going! yay camping. =)

  4. Love this picture! Superheros indeed!
    Count me out for camping unless we want to make my goats into pack goats? hehe…
    Also, today was my first time doing Murph. I know it’s a huge workout for sure and I’m definitely not a runner (that’s why I brought my dogs-for motivation while running.) Oh yeah, sorry about the dog hair too! I tried to sweep it up.
    OK, anyway. I feel like I could’ve done better today. I know it’s a lot just doing it but I feel like I screwed up how the exercises should’ve been broken up-THUS messing up my intensity. Lesson learned.
    I know I’ll do better next time. I think, also, since this was my first time meeting Murph, I wasn’t sure what to expect. So I did a slow and steady method. I think next time, if I break it up as advised, I’ll do much better.
    I feel a bit disappointed with my performance (the first run went very well though) today BUT that particular sting will make me remember that I can do way better next time if I don’t get caught up doing things my own way.
    So one Murph down! I just might do another sometime soon to prove to myself that I can do WAY better. 🙂

  5. Amanda :

    I just wanted to thank EVERYONE today at Verve for all their support! I was so nervous and anxious about doing Murph, but an amazing thing happened today and this is why I am sharing. Someone gave Monique an apple because she needed one (hope you don’t mind me sharing this!) and she could see I was failing too and offered me her last bite. It was the extra energy I needed to keep going. Then for the last 1 mile run Cheresa met me for the last block and ran beside me. I can’t begin to tell you how awesome these moments felt. I mean really emotional for me. These gestures may seem small but they meant the world to me. So I just wanted to say that I am so honored to be part of this ridiculously awesome group. My success today was due to everyone’s goodwill and grace. I am very grateful. Thank you.

  6. Sara Weisbart :

    Murph. Wow, today was killer. I was very stoked to have knocked off 11 minutes from my previous time. However, the pain afterwards was BRUTAL! Thanks to Joylyn, Cherie, and Cheresa for helping me through the pain. Awesome job to everyone who came in today! It’s definitely tough to prepare yourself for this one. Cherie and Melissa, you two look BAD ASS as Wonder Woman! You guys actually look like super-heros!…Because you ARE!!!
    P.S. My b-day is coming up and I am already dreaming up the perfect WOD! hehehehehehe! How thoughtful it was of you Rob to give us the chance to do Murph today 🙂

  7. Tiff :

    loved murph. next time: harder, faster, better. or with a vest. =)
    that is one beauuuutiful pic, ladies!

  8. Danimal :

    Yessssss. missed Murph again. No make up day please. lol

  9. Cherie :

    Alan – Matt is on shift that weekend and I believe it is also Mas’s bachelor party. So we would love to but can’t.
    great job today everyone. Catherine, be happy with your performance. You were amazing!

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