"The Smoking Gun"

Seven rounds for time:

4 Burpee deadlifts, 185#/120# (60% 1RM C&J)

3 Burpee power cleans, 185#/120# (60% 1RM C&J)

2 Burpee squat cleans, 185#/120# (60% 1RM C&J)

1 Burpee squat clean & jerk, 185#/120# (60% 1RM C&J)

Your hands may not leave the bar and your chest must touch the bar for each burpee.  Thank CF Endurance's B-Mac for this one. 

Worthy of a repeat… I give you "Paleo in a Nutshell"

On Thursday September 17th, our friends at CrossFit Roots in Boulder will be hosting a Paleo Diet seminar featuring Dr. Loren Cordain.  Dr. Cordain is a faculty member of the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State and author of the Paleo Diet books.  He will be discussing the benefits of eating a pre-agricultural diet and how the Western Diet is a total disaster (my words, not his).  Sign up now, as tickets are limited.

Don't forget, tonight from 5pm – 7:30pm is our first "Zone/Real Food" challenge potluck hosted by Sandy and Donna Pryor.  All dishes must be blocked out and be accompanied by a list of ingredients.  Meals don't need to be complete – for example, you can bring in herb roasted chicken (protein) so long as we can weigh it out.  This is your chance to see how everyone else cooks in the Zone.

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