Sunday is funday

Team workout with two people

800m Run

200 Push-ups

60 Glute-ham sit-ups

150 Ball slams

150 Kettlebell snatch

50 Tire flips 

800m Run

Complete this workout as a team of two.  Only one member can be working at a time.

Post time and team to comments. 


Tony wondering, "What did he ever do to the rower?"

Sunday at 1pm we will be having a very informal gathering at the Verve to discuss the paleo challenge.  What you can expect is a short introduction to the paleo diet, why to eat paleo, zoning and paleo, contest rules, prizes and a Q&A.  All those willing to take the plunge you will be required to take a shirtless before picture, so ladies wear your favorite sports bra.  Also, if you have fold-able camping chairs please bring them.  See you then!  As Matt says, "This is exciting"!


  1. Sara Weisbart :

    This WOD sounds like sooo much fun! I’m super excited!! Going to be right now so I will be fully charged!

  2. cherie :

    Joylyn – I love that you went back and posted all your times. A five minute decrease on Annie is awesome. I promise that the hands issue will improve once you refine your kip… I promise….and of course you haven’t “lost it”, your only going to get stronger from here on out.
    Sara – me too! I feel bad that Matt has to have me as a partner.
    Luke – The performance Menu has an amazing cookbook where I got the nutty cereal from (Thanks Tim). We were going to print it and then realized that we really like these guys that produce it and don’t want to infrindge on their copy right. So we purchased it and it’s an amazing deal 12 months of journal for $30 here is the link. I will continue to post recipes that I make and love here.
    cheers cherie

  3. cherie :

    Here is a free recipe archive

  4. Erin :

    I am very bummed that I am going to miss the Paleo Discussion today! I am working. 🙁 Let me know what I miss! EJ

  5. Emmalee :

    Bummed I am working a Trade today as well.
    Erin maybe you and I can meet with Cherie sometime this week to see what we missed out on!

  6. Rich :

    I am working today as well, I think Matt had mentioned a possible time of Wed or Thursday at 830pm for those who could not make it to the Sunday Seminar. I am excited to refine and clean up my diet – and I was just given a free box of Somoa Girl Scout cookies… Temptation SUCKS!
    Cherie and Matt, thank you in advance if you are able to hold another paleo seminar! You two rock!

  7. cherie :

    Mostly Matt and some Cherie 29:26.
    Today was fun guys thansk for listening and joining in on the fun. We will keep you posted about Tue or Wed night.

  8. Doug :

    Matt and Cherie-
    Thanks for the seminar today! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into gaining and distributing all of your knowledge. I can’t believe how much I have learned over the past month. I have never been so confident or excited about my future fitness level.
    I just got back from Costco- they have some great deals on 3 lb bags of unsalted nuts, and their fruit (especially berries) are so good that I’m getting more and more excited to start living off them more or less predominantly…

  9. Joylyn :

    Cherie, Matt, and Alan: Thanks for a great seminar today. Lots of good info, you always take such good care of us! I can’t wait to try some recipes. If anyone wants our chimichurri recipe, I’ll try and post it soon. (Without the red wine vinegar, so it’s Paleo friendly)
    Fun workout today, lots of variety, I liked it. Jared, you were a great partner! As rx’d 32:23 16kg KB (Joylyn), 24kg KB (Jared).
    Doug, thanks for the heads up, Costco is going to get some of my hard cash tomorrow!

  10. Matt :

    Thanks guys, glad you found the seminar helpful – I can’t wait to see the results. Tomorrow’s post will have info regarding a second abridged seminar… stay tuned.
    To those who missed today’s discussion, we would like to see 100% buy in from the whole contingent. Our mission is to create a healthy community and total health revolves around nutrition in addition to good ‘ol exercise. If you are thinking about – do it! It’s only 7 weeks and we’ll help you through it.
    Today’s WOD was super fun. Cherie and I had a blast doing it… its always cool to do a team WOD with your preggo wife. So cute. See you tomorrow!

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